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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

WWPD Online Gaming Updates

Significant changes have come to the WWPD group in World of Tanks among other things.  Clan Wars has been successful, the clan has expanded into another company, and new have forged new grounds in new games.

First off, WWPD World of Tanks has expanded!  The 2nd WWPD Panzer Division has been officially formed to accommodate overflow from the 1st WWPD Panzer Division and to allow those not interested in Clan Wars, an area of stress free reprieve.  The 2nd WWPD Panzer Division (WWPD2) and the 1st WWPD Panzer Division (WWPD) have no differences other than those in WWPD are expected to participate in Clan Wars if needed, while WWPD2 is more of a social and less serious division.  Otherwise both divisions should be considered identical and the lines between them can be blurred by using the newly upgraded TeamSpeak3 server which can now support 50 members.  Members from both divisions can participate in the same platoons, company battles, and tournament teams, and are in-fact encouraged to interact.

Clan Wars has been a rather large success with the WWPD Clan in World of Tanks.  WWPD has held territory in Eastern Egypt for over a month now and it has been decided that the clan deserves a hard earned payday.  WWPD has reached the goal of 10,200 Gold earned from owning territory (currently we earn 336/24hrs).  With earning the 10,200 gold, the pay of 200 gold to each player that has participated in Clan Wars for their hard work was issued on June 2nd.  This will seemingly be the an end to our current stent in Clan Wars as we plan to change up just how WWPD will participate in larger scale events.  In the coming weeks we will withdraw from the Clan Wars map for redeployment, in which on a rotating day, appointed leaders will lead a Raid by landing against a territory of their choice on the map and if successful on the following day will push to the closest high value territory.  They will hold it as long as the leader of that raid is willing to before repeating the same process the following week.  The raid will be meant to help build tactics, change the pace of our interactions with clan wars, and try new ideas.  In addition, Company battles will resume for any clan member to join 3 or 4 days after the initial landing, also on rotating days, in different sized engagements.  The idea behind the rotating schedule would be to allow the maximization of participation for those who would not normally be able to participate in late game action due to schedule conflicts.  Continual support for tournaments will be a priority and the desire for multiple teams would be ideal.

In addition to World of Tanks, WWPD has expanded to Diablo 3.  From destroying tanks to slaying demons, WWPD has shown interest in making moves into different avenues of gaming in a social light.  Many have already progressed past their original character with several alternates and advancing into higher difficulties of the game, challenging their abilities and teamwork.  With more games always on the horizon, the WWPD gamers can be found in many of the channels of TeamSpeak3, enjoying socializing while gaming.

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