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Friday, June 8, 2012

WWPD News From the Front Episode 38 and After Hours!

Episode 38 is Now Live! The dudes bite off a bit more than they can chew!  But the chat is strong, and the good times are had.  The dudes discuss their recent tournament experience, Tank Destroyers, Supply Vehicles, Sea Lion and much more!
  • 0:00- Intro, AAR, Op Sea Lion, Game Vault Tournament AAR
  • 1:16- ACT II: CGR Painters/Jackson M36 Discussion, Supply Vehicles
  • 1:39- ACT III: The Tapestry, Upcoming WWPD, Unarmored Vehicles w/ Gun Teams
Links discussed in this episode:
Episode 38: After Hours is Now Live!  This episode is split into 2 parts- the first is after recording Episode 38 in the Studio.  The dudes go on a bit about wonky rules and people being jerks.  They talk a bit about movies and general silliness.  The 2nd half sees the guys in the van on the way home after a tournament joined by their buddies Eric and Ted.  The 2nd half hears Ted and Eric's post-tournament AAR, and then takes a turn South.  Warning: This episode gets a little raunchy!



Anatoli said...

I was just about wondering when the next podcast would show up, very nice listening as usual and extra nice since it was longer :-D

I really envy you guys with all the fun conventions and tournaments you have going on in the states. I wish Jon good luck with his Arnhem game, hope someone will take pictures of that! Btw will it be the Brits only or will you also have some of Sosabowski's Poles trying to join up with the besieged Brit Para's?

I would also love to hear you guys thoughts on Prometheus once you have seen it, I posted a split review on the wwpd forum - second part was filled with weird stuff that I would love to discuss with others that have seen the movie.

I myself am going to watch Snow White and the Huntsmen tomorrow, really looking forward to that one - and oddly enough more excited for it than I ever was for Prometheus. Wrote a bit about it on my blog a few weeks ago when I saw the first trailer, fingers crossed that the epic feeling will be present throughout the movie. I'll post a review towards on Monday I think. The only funny thing is that Charlize Theron is way better looking than Kristen Stewart. Hopefully there will be some twist or explanation in the story that handles that.

Also, since I have been forgetting to mention this for the past 2 episodes, the commercial with the painting service guy is very low and I have a difficult time hearing what he says. So maybe you guys can tweak the volume on that section in the future. Unless I am the only one who experience’s this problem.

not2oldtowargame said...

It's that time when spirits lift! Thanks for the podcast guys. Just a little harder to get the mp3 onto my pc but there now the less.

Steven MacLauchlan said...

Hey guys I re-uploaded the cast with the CGR commercial volume fixed. AND incase you missed it, I also uploaded it here:

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