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Friday, June 15, 2012

U.S. M36 Jackson/CGR Painters Review!

So let's talk about the latest and greatest in Tank Destroyers, the M-36 Jackson.  The Jackson is the newest tank destroyer to be released from Battlefront.  Packing a whopping AT 14, the U.S. finally has the ability to pierce the most stubborn German armor.  This is obviously a support option that the enemy cannot ignore. With the version 3 tank detroyer rules, the ability to spring from ambush translates into total devastation for your enemy.

Luke's first post!

I really have no complaints about this set.  The detail is impressive on the model. Please note the stowage on the tanks.  This adds an extra level or realism to the model. The set comes with just the 4 tank destroyers shown for a retail price of $45.00.  I prefer being able to buy the security section seperately so I do not end up spending money on vehicles I already have.  It came together well and did not have any missing or broken parts.  This set assembles quickly without any major difficulties.

CGR Painters painted these models for me.  I cannot express how thoroughly impressed I am with their work.  This is a perfect example of "getting it right"  The detail of the miniatures is brought out with this paint job.  The decals look as if they were actually painted on and they even took the time to magnetise the turrents. 

There are many small details that may go unnoticed at first glance which add more nice touches to these Jacksons. The antennas are not included in the standard set, but was a very nice touch added by CGR.  Also there is a slight blackening on the ends of the barrels caused by repeated fire into the flanks of advancing Axis armor.

The shading and highlighting is evident on the model, but not exaggerated or overpowering which gives a great level of realism to these tanks.  Last, but not least the .50 cal AA machine gun mounts rock solid.  You will have to really work to break these off. 

Overall both the models and the paint job are superb and I can not think of any drawbacks or dissatisfaction.  Therefore I will have to give both the Battlefront M-36 Jackson boxed set and the paint job provided by CGR Painters.

SCORE: 5 out of 5 donkeys.

CGR Painters are our newest advertiser on our News From the Front Podcast- and we're very excited to show that they live up to our hype!
*Models Courtesy of Battlefront Miniatures
*Painting Courtesy of CGR Painters


Anatoli said...

Impressive paintjobs, would never have believed this was painted by a painting service as those kind of painters often cut corners.

Two thumbs up for CGR if all of their paintjobs are up to this standard!

Steven MacLauchlan said...

They really are that good: look at those Semoventes! My my

Private Snafu said...

Are the hulls identical to the M10? They appear to be.

Hank Swager said...

I got a set as a prize for a tournament, and not yet used them. Have you found them to be worth the points?

Tyler said...

I also would be interested to hear thoughts on their combat effectiveness

The Riha said...

I see that CGR has a variety of painting standards with different costs associated for each.

Would you care to comment on the cost involved with painting these?

The Riha said...

I see that CGR has a variety of painting standards with different costs associated for each.

Would you care to comment on the cost involved with painting these?

SinSynn said...

What a terrific advertisement.


Steven MacLauchlan said...

@Hank & Tyler- I have yet to play them personally but I saw John desch rockin' and rollin' with em. That AT 14 scares the pants off Tigers and makes Panthers sweat bullets!

@Eric- I think Luke just went out of town so he can't comment, and I don't know. I'll shoot an email over to CGR and see if Steve would comment!

@SinSynn- their work speaks for itself :)

russ levy said...

Russ at CGRPainters
These were a blast to paint... I would say that these puppies were better than our HTT (high table top quality) standard and slightly less than our IDQ (insane display quality) standard.
Thanks and glad ya'll enjoy!

zsavk said...

Even paint chipping! Beautiful job!

Luke said...

I will leave the cost descriptors to Russ and CGR. What I can say is that I am collecting all of my armor and vehicles to get sent to them to paint. The cost is worth the exceptional paint job. The quality here is exceptional.

Steven Zeeck said...

CGR painter SteveZ here: I enjoyed painting these Jacksons and have been painting US vehicles for 4 years now. I only have 1 level of painting and that is "the best I can do", constantly critiquing myself and asking how I can do better next time. I have been working with Russ this past year and appreciate his knowledge, & communication with the public through his business. Russ is a great guy to work with, feel free to contact him.

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