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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

(TONS of) Pictures from the I95 Game Vault Tournament

Here's a ton of pictures taken by Eric and company from the recent I95 Tournament at the Game Vault in Fredericksburg VA.

Romanian Matt's BGG Panzers 

Luke's TD Company

Dirty Jon's Game 1

Dirty Jon
John Desch vs Tim Grimmett

Steven's Mid to Lower Torso oversees his game with Bob Evans

Eric Turner

Bob Everson

Steven doin' the invisible shovel

Shermans mixin' it up!

Attack Pattern Derek

Scott Simoneaux

John Desch

Scott Simoneaux

Bob Everson and Tim Grimmett

Medium Ted

Eric Turner's Inside Out Shirt

Romanian Matt and Steven

Joe Moore and Bill Dorais

Steven's M18s

The eternal match up.  Bill Dorais and Steven



Mik said...

Occulary overload! Awesome looking tables, terrain, armies...the works.

Ouchies said...

Looks fantastic!

Rhinexing said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

Anatoli said...

That's some fantastic looking terrain, LOVE the airfield table!!

Throck Morton said...

*Shudder* So... nice... terrain... Must get down to Game Vault and play on it. I didn't realize that much awesome existed only 45 minutes away. *Shudder*

jmezz382 said...

Great stuff !

zed said...


cbaxter said...


VAeric said...

Thanks for playing guys.

1 John Desch United States
2 Steve Mclaughlan United States
3 Bob Everson United States
4 Scott Simoneau USSR
5 Eric Turner German
6 Jim Best German
7 Bill Dorias German
8 Matt Meyer German
9 Luke Melia United States
10 Jon Baber United Kingdom
11 Ted West German
12 Bob Evans German
13 Chirs Coreman Hungarian
14 Kurt Reese German
15 Sean Mackintosh United States
16 John Sulek United States
17 Tim Grimmett German
18 Tom Keegan United States

Izimu said...

Wow, that is some amazing terrain...especially the airfield.

pudson said...

So that's what we're supposed to do with our extra planes!

Luke said...

Great time thanks again guys!

VAeric said...

The airfield first appeared in Nationals 2008. I don't bring it out that often cause its a pain to transport. The hangers take up too much room so I get more bang for the buck with smaller buildings. Since I live Fredericksburg it was easy to get out.

Redscorps said...

Those tables looksincredible and everyone's armies were nicely painted! Very inspiring stuff.

Scary Biscuits said...

I'd like to make an airfield table too. Did you use 1/72 models?

Sam Thomas said...

Awesome terrain!!
Can you take the FDC with any list with US155's or was that used as an objective marker? I thought it was only in the Cassino lists.Not the one with the hospital cross on it (cool idea), the one in the little court yard next to the building.

Sean Mackintosh said...

The "FDC" was an objective cobbled together from a soviet objective pack and a US Staff Team Pack. Glad you liked it!

VAeric said...

All the planes on the airfield are 15mm from various places. AIM sells most of them and has a very nice line of 15mm planes.

mmeyer said...


Come down one Friday night bro, we play every Friday and can do any era, and if you got something you want to try between all of us we have pretty much five of everything so you can always borrow a force.

minutiaeofwar said...

Wow, fantastic terrain and some really beautifully painted armies. Great work all round. I would really appreciate it if someone could point me to where you got those scale cars. I have been searching for exactly those type for a long time now. Are they 15mm scale as well, because they look spot on

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