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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Tale of 2 Cities Week 3: Steven's US Rifles

In my last article I discussed the core of the company (the Rifle platoons and weapons platoon), so this time I am going to look at 3 of my support units, why I chose them, and how I intend to use them.  In next week's post I'll talk about the artillery and tying the whole army together and facing specific situations and missions.

Here's my army list as a reminder:
So let's take a look at the 3 non-artillery support options I've taken!
M5A1 Stuarts
Ultimately this is a fairly static list.  With 12 towed/immobile gun teams and lots of infantry, it was clear that
mobility was severely lacking from the company!  And what's more mobile than 5 Stuarts?  Nothin'.  That's right.  Mobility is their #1 priority- just giving me the option to exploit areas left undefended, make a grab at rear objectives, or plug a hole in my line.  They are lacking in an anti-tank role which is a job better left to my bazookas, M5 3in TDs, and (to some extent) my artillery.

What they lack in anti-tank Stuarts more than make up for in anti-infantry!  Halftracks, transports, and light guns are tasty treats for these guys.  With their AA MGs firing (which is risky if you're in assault range!), 5 Stuarts produce 25 MG dice!  That's more than an HMG platoon, and is possibly even after moving 16"!  Ouch!

But, these guys are fragile.  Any AT weaponry worth its salt in LW will punch their armor with no problem.  Stuarts are a dagger, not a broadsword.  Go after infantry when possible, but in a pinch run and gun with your stabilizers and go for some flank shots!

Cav Recon
The Cav recon is very much a unit of opportunity.  If I need reserves they are likely the first choice for leaving off the board.  In a mobile/fair fight they are used cautiously- lifting gone to ground or sneaking around.  Remember if they can threaten an objective you can force the enemy to keep a unit defending it!

With their immense mobility thanks to their recon move, these guys are ideal for screening your advance.  Recon in V3 is much more reliable so use them to your advantage!  If you're forced to attack, shut down likely ambush locations.  Remember that we're veteran and tank teams now so you have 8" command range- and with an 8" "bubble" of ambush reduction, you can theoretically stretch these guys to the limit and cover nearly 40" of your front line!

In a pinch your M8's 37mm and Mortar jeep can lay down a bit of fire, but I've found that if I'm firing with this unit, the game isn't looking so good for me!

M5 3" Towed Tank Destroyers
This is a new unit for me!  I've never used one on the table nor have I been on the receiving end.  So this is all theoretical.  In fact, I don't even have my box painted up yet so the images are courtesy of Battlefront.

Firstly, before their ambushed, remember that the security section in this unit is recon- that means that despite being immobile guns, we can make sure we can get out ahead of our force and spring this ambush right where we want it.

I envision the 4 Bazooka teams being a clean up crew- ambush with the whole unit and send the 4 bazooka teams forward.  The guns should put a hurt on the enemy, but if anyone is left bailed/unscathed the 4 bazookas can assault and try to finish them off!

Alright next week we'll take a look at the artillery (and maybe tweak the list a little!)

Thanks for joining me for week 3.
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