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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tale of 2 Cities: (Week 1) Joe's US Armor Company

Greetings Troops,

     Recently I was approached by Steve to participate in a Battlefront project about a new gamer's process of getting into the hobby.  It is a daunting and scary time for a new gamer.  There are numerous models, lists and terms to learn.  Being a husband and father I know that money can be tight.  I am a HUGE fan of maximizing your units usage.  Usage you say ?  I mean being flexible for Early War through Late War periods in the Flames of War scheme of things if possible.  Using units that can span over more than one period helps you play other lists and not have to break your piggy bank.

     The group chose to pick starting companies out of Turning Tides.  My choice was a US Medium Tank Company.  Here is my list !

ConfidentVeteran Medium Tank Company (2nd A.D.) USA Late-War
Medium Tank Company HQ (2nd A.D.) p.201
2M4 or M4A1 Sherman180
Combat Platoons
Meduim Tank Platoon (76mm) (2nd A.D.) p.202
5M4A1 (76mm) Sherman550
Medium Tank Platoon (2nd A.D.) p.201
3M4 or M4A1 Sherman270
Weapons Platoons
Armored Mortar Platoon (2nd A.D.) p.203
Cmd Carbine team
M2 half-track with .50 cal AA MG
M4 81mm MMC
Divisional Support
Tank Destroyer PlatoonConfidentTrained  p.231
Cmd Carbine team
Jeep with .50 cal AA MG
Carbine team
M20 Utility
M-10 3in GMC
Engineer Combat Platoon (2nd A.D.) p.213
Cmd Pioneer Rifle team
Jeep with .50 cal AA MG
Pioneer Rifle team
M1917 HMG team
Company Points:1625
Source document: Turning Tide (D-Day)  ***OOB from***

     Being flexible was my template.  The Shermans in the HQ and second platoon, combat engineers, tank destroyer platoons are all MW and LW units.  All of the above units are playable in numerous lists.  This helps keep your options open for future lists.

     The one thing I try to keep in mind is to keep to the plan.  It is very easy for a new hobbyist (as well as those whom have been around for any time) to see new units and buy, buy, BUY !  Keep to your list and get those basic core units to the table.  Get some practice games in with those core units to figure out your playing style and strong/weak points.  Take you time, it will pay off in the long run.

     I hope you enjoyed my part of this quest.  Stay tuned to see how my group and I progress and get our forces to the table top.

Joe "Mezz" 

Check frequently to keep up with the Group's progress!

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