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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tale of 2 Cities - Week 1: Dirty Jon's Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie

When V3 came out, I totally fell in love with the Panzergrens. MG teams got a boost and the Mounted Assault and other transport rules make German half tracks very, very attractive. I settled on the Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie out of Battlefront's Grey Wolf sourcebook.

List Construction

The HQ is mandatory. Switching from MG to SMG/Faust teams is not the complete no-brainer it was before. Do I want to give up the points and the MG team to gain the Faust? I think so, so I upgrade both the CiC and 2iC. I really want to make Allied armor think twice about assaulting -- 2 Bailed Out or Destroyed stops the assault, and the Fausts can help with that. 85 of 1625 spent.

Mandatory combat platoons dictate at least 2 platoons of Grenadiers in 251/1 half tracks. These guys are great with MGs, but a little smallish with only 7 teams per platoon - I am counting on the half tracks to protect against infantry assaults. I go ahead and upgrade the command team in each to an SMG/Faust to help dealing with pesky armor. 545 of 1625 spent.

I decide that I will have 2 mobile armored units for the company. This is a no-brainer with regular infantry, but not with this very mobile list. I want the two armored unis because they will allow me some flexibility of movement and allow me to keep up with the fast-moving half tracks. I decide to go all-out and pick up the most feared tank in the German arsenal - the King Tiger. He is a ton of points, but is just sooooo huge and nasty! I really want to learn how to use this unit, so he is in. 890 of 1625 spent.

I need another armored unit. I have spent a ton of points already, so I need something cheap and effective. I consider the Panzer IV H platoon, but settle on the StuG G - I want that front armor 7 vs. Shermans and a 2 in 6 chance to bounce the M10s hits I am likely to see. The StuG is a very popular choice and I can even make use of the two that come in the Achtung! set.1270 of 1625 spent.

Speaking of M10s... I am a little nervous about the US Tank Destroyers and other Ambush scenarios. I think some Recon is in order. In looking through the list, I like the Light Panzerspah option. I get three teams for just 110 points, and the Wheeled movement isn't that bad. Plus, they look cool! 1380 of 1625 spent.

Now I need to get to 6 platoons. I also need to get the all-important smoke-capable unit for bombardments. I am feeling pretty frisky with this list, so I decide to ditch the ever-popular Nebelwerfers and go with some really cool Panzerwerfers. I have never used this unit, but I have been on receiving end of a mega beat-down against it. I want to learn the rules for this unit, so I figure the best way is to paint'm up and run them! 1610 of 1625 spent.

General Strategy

When I attack, I will use my mobility to create numerical superiority on a flank. The StuGs and the Recce can screen the two Grenadier platoons as they advance forward. I will use the Recon to make sure that I don't get ambushed too badly, and keep the King Tiger back to protect either my objective or to hold down a flank. The Panzerwerfers will be used to screen my advance, or to provide the vital pin in preparation for an assault.

On Defense, that will mean a ton of tanks, as I only really defend against Tank or Mechanized companies. I intend to use the half tracks to great advantage -- keeping infantry from being able to effectively assault. I am short on AT assets. I will have to use the King Tiger and the StuGs to hold down flanks - again making smart use of smoke or bombardments from the Panzerwerfers. I could be in trouble defending against an armored company that can take out my StuGs quickly -- I will have to be careful with them.

I am a little concerned with the fairly low number of dice I have from Anti-tank assets, but I hope that the 4 added Panzerfausts in the Gren platoons and the HQ help even that out a bit. We'll see!

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