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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tale of 2 Cities - Week 1: Dirty Jon's Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie

When V3 came out, I totally fell in love with the Panzergrens. MG teams got a boost and the Mounted Assault and other transport rules make German half tracks very, very attractive. I settled on the Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie out of Battlefront's Grey Wolf sourcebook.

List Construction

The HQ is mandatory. Switching from MG to SMG/Faust teams is not the complete no-brainer it was before. Do I want to give up the points and the MG team to gain the Faust? I think so, so I upgrade both the CiC and 2iC. I really want to make Allied armor think twice about assaulting -- 2 Bailed Out or Destroyed stops the assault, and the Fausts can help with that. 85 of 1625 spent.

Mandatory combat platoons dictate at least 2 platoons of Grenadiers in 251/1 half tracks. These guys are great with MGs, but a little smallish with only 7 teams per platoon - I am counting on the half tracks to protect against infantry assaults. I go ahead and upgrade the command team in each to an SMG/Faust to help dealing with pesky armor. 545 of 1625 spent.

I decide that I will have 2 mobile armored units for the company. This is a no-brainer with regular infantry, but not with this very mobile list. I want the two armored unis because they will allow me some flexibility of movement and allow me to keep up with the fast-moving half tracks. I decide to go all-out and pick up the most feared tank in the German arsenal - the King Tiger. He is a ton of points, but is just sooooo huge and nasty! I really want to learn how to use this unit, so he is in. 890 of 1625 spent.

I need another armored unit. I have spent a ton of points already, so I need something cheap and effective. I consider the Panzer IV H platoon, but settle on the StuG G - I want that front armor 7 vs. Shermans and a 2 in 6 chance to bounce the M10s hits I am likely to see. The StuG is a very popular choice and I can even make use of the two that come in the Achtung! set.1270 of 1625 spent.

Speaking of M10s... I am a little nervous about the US Tank Destroyers and other Ambush scenarios. I think some Recon is in order. In looking through the list, I like the Light Panzerspah option. I get three teams for just 110 points, and the Wheeled movement isn't that bad. Plus, they look cool! 1380 of 1625 spent.

Now I need to get to 6 platoons. I also need to get the all-important smoke-capable unit for bombardments. I am feeling pretty frisky with this list, so I decide to ditch the ever-popular Nebelwerfers and go with some really cool Panzerwerfers. I have never used this unit, but I have been on receiving end of a mega beat-down against it. I want to learn the rules for this unit, so I figure the best way is to paint'm up and run them! 1610 of 1625 spent.

General Strategy

When I attack, I will use my mobility to create numerical superiority on a flank. The StuGs and the Recce can screen the two Grenadier platoons as they advance forward. I will use the Recon to make sure that I don't get ambushed too badly, and keep the King Tiger back to protect either my objective or to hold down a flank. The Panzerwerfers will be used to screen my advance, or to provide the vital pin in preparation for an assault.

On Defense, that will mean a ton of tanks, as I only really defend against Tank or Mechanized companies. I intend to use the half tracks to great advantage -- keeping infantry from being able to effectively assault. I am short on AT assets. I will have to use the King Tiger and the StuGs to hold down flanks - again making smart use of smoke or bombardments from the Panzerwerfers. I could be in trouble defending against an armored company that can take out my StuGs quickly -- I will have to be careful with them.

I am a little concerned with the fairly low number of dice I have from Anti-tank assets, but I hope that the 4 added Panzerfausts in the Gren platoons and the HQ help even that out a bit. We'll see!


mmeyer said...

Thats not a bad list DJ, I've never figured out how to use a single King Tiger well. Normally it just sits there and looks intimidating while my opponent rudely ignores it >< Let me know if you solve the puzzle!

zsavk said...

Great write up Jon. Im following all this on the FoW forums as well. Interesting seeing all the choices and reasons for them.

Dirty Jon said...

@All: I am picking some stuff I want to learn how to use -- the King Tiger will be a challenge! I look forward to trying this guy out.

Neal Smith said...

Geez... My Gamer ADHD is twitching again! I have one of those platoon boxes of KTs on the shelf.... Ugh... Maybe I can just ignore the voices? :)

OmniJackal said...

Just started a armored panzergrenadier list myself that is nearly identical to this. When I started collecting Germans there were a few things that were mandatory for me, core infantry mounted in halftracks, konigstigers, and panzerwerfers. Havn't gotten the panzerwerfers yet though because I couldn't resist a box of 88s. Those things are sexy.

W.DesertForce said...

I think I spotted a typo - You wrote StuG G but the photo shows StuG IVs.

Dirty Jon said...

@W.DesertForce: I just used an old pic for the post -- the list has StuG Gs, but I dont have the Achtung ones put together yet. =)

Dirty Jon said...

Actually... I can steal the pic from the review. Updated!

Throck Morton said...

Love the Panzergrens, it's what first attracted me to germans. I'm going the opposite direction though, Tank Free. I've made a decision that I've been relying on those lovely panthers and tiggers a little too much for my own good.

I wish you luck with these guys. They're a ton of fun to play!

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