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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Soviet BA-64s

Just a quick post today!  I grabbed 3 blisters of BA-64s at Adepticon and figured they were a quick and easy way to get some mobile recon into my Soviet lists!

The models themselves are probably in need of a new mold- the resin was quite bumpy, but overall wasn't in that bad of shape.  I'm really glad these come 2 to a blister.
Ultimately I decided to leave them "plain Jane" without decals since a quick googling shows a large number of them were mostly unmarked.  Some had political slogans, but I overdid that with my tanks.
I think they're a great buy- clocking in at 25-30 points each with jeep mobility?  Yes please!

Hen and Chicks
The Stuart is follow up work for Tim Grimmet.  In the past, I painted 10 Soviet Stuarts for him (long before I ever did Soviets for myself) and he now wanted a Battalion command.


Anatoli said...

Love the BA64. With the MG counting as AA as well these guys must be very useful.

Neal Smith said...

I've bought a couple blisters of these too. I too am glad they come two to a pack... :)

Patrick said...

Nice BA's! Any thoughts on the AT rifle option? Seems worth losing a shot on 2 to be able to pester light armor on the rear. My only question is on the modeling side.

jmezz382 said...

I like em ... They look spunky !

WarHighlander said...

One thing I noticed the other day is that if you take the PTRD ATR option, they get Volley Fire as its a Hull Mounted gun.

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