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Friday, June 1, 2012

Sea Lion: Finns vs Americans in Somerset

As part of Operation Sea Lion, a US Armored Rifle company (4th AD- CV) encounters a Finn infantry company at Somerset as the allies abandon the region. The mission is Dust Up! Sean's Finn infantry is made up of Jakaari

Sean's Finns
  • HQ
  • Full Strength Infantry Platoon w/ Torni
  • Full Strength Infantry Platoon
  • Understrength Pioneer Platoon
  • 3x T-34/85
  • Captured SU-152 (The Kracken)
  • 122mm Battery
  • 3x BT-42s
  • Sporadic HS-129Bs
Steven's Armored Rifles
  • HQ
  • Full Strength AR Platoon
  • Full Strength AR Platoon
  • 2x Sherman M4A3 lates, 2x M4A1 76mm
  • M18 Tank destroyer Unit
  • Cav Recon (trained)
  • 105 Battery (trained)
  • AOP


The board. Sean rolls to go first.

US armor + Tank Destroyer Security section after recce move.

ARs defending the objective

Captured T-34/85s

Sean's artillery


Sean's Finns
  • Pioneers
  • Jakaari
  • The kracken
  • BT-42s
Steven's Armored Rifles
  • 105s
  • Armored Rifles
  • Cav Recon

Sean's Finns: Sean starts with 122s (played by German 105s- shhhhh), 1 jakaari w/ Torni, and T-34s.
Steven's Armored Rifles: Steven starts with 1 AR platoon, and both mobile armor assets.


Jakaari roll out!

T-34s move into a wood.

The AOP circles overhead.

M18 Ambush!

And Shermans rollin in! Those 2 T-34s are in a world of hurt!

Or not... I whiff all 16 dice!

Sean's Finns
    Steven's Armored Rifles

      Sean's Finns: Jakaari and T-34s move out. 122s try and fail to dig.
      Steven's Armored Rifles: M18s and Shermans pounce on the T-34s! And fail completely.

      TURN 2

      2 HS-129s come swooping in.

      122s dig in then turn to fire.

      Scoring an M18

      Follow up Fire from the T-34s net 2 more.

      While the HS-129s evade tree tops and .50 cals to knock out 1 75mm Sherman!

      After the last M18 breaks, the Shermans pull back into town.

      The aftermath.

      Sean's Finns
        Steven's Armored Rifles
        • M18s: DESTROYED
        • Shermans: 1 M4A3 late

        TURN 2 SUMMARY
        Sean's Finns: Sean has a great turn as he sets up shot after shot. Wiping out the M18s and scoring a hit on the Shermans while his infantry moves forward.
        Steven's Armored Rifles: The Shermans, not wanting to risk a motivation check, get out of site of the T-34s.

        TURN 3

        Sean starts turn 3 with a barrage...

        Which scores another Sherman 75.

        The T-34s now rumble forward, but their shots can't find their targets.

        But here comes the cavalry! US reserves arrive, racing deep into the Finn artillery park.

        The Shermans attempt to pull back, but the commander bogs down!

        A 122 is knocked out by .50 cal fire.

        The mighty American mobile force is reduced to 1 operation tank with no kills to their name!

        Sean's Finns
        • 122s: 1 gun
        Steven's Armored Rifles
        • M18s: DESTROYED
        • Shermans: 2x M4A3 lates

        TURN 3 SUMMARY
        Sean's Finns: Sean continues to hammer the US shermans, scoring another kill with his 122s.
        Steven's Armored Rifles: Reserves arrive just as the remaining Shermans blunder into a tree-line.

        TURN 4

        The situation.

        The bogged Sherman is KOd.

        HS-129s pin down the ARs

        The last Sherman skeedaddles. Wow!

        Finns swarm!

        Blitzdoughs hop out of their transports ready to assault the position.

        Cav Recon appears, blazing away!

        The assault is underway!

        Predictably, the artillery battery is wiped out.

        And then breaks! The Americans hold the objective with no Finn units anywhere near close enough to keep it active.

        Sean's Finns
        • 122s: DESTROYED
        Steven's Armored Rifles
        • M18s: DESTROYED
        • Shermans: DESTROYED

        TURN 4 SUMMARY
        Sean's Finns: Sean's infantry swarms forward as the last sherman is swept away.
        Steven's Armored Rifles: Armored Rifles successfully assault the hill, and secure the objective!

        TURN 5

        Turn 5.

        The Kracken makes an appearance.

        Uh oh. I've made a huge mistake. Sean's T-34s go after my trained cav recon! D'oh!

        His 2iC even SMGs a jeep!

        The M8 Greyhound goes up in flames!

        The kracken kills an observer out of spite. Sean needed a 6 and got it!

        Pizzas abound.

        Oh dear. The Cav recon breaks. That puts me below half!

        Knowing this is the end, Sean decides to go for it and try to launch an assault on the unpinned ARs. It doesn't work.

        So now I hold the objective and will win... if I can just pass my motivation check.

        But that is not to be. 5-2 to Sean! Wow!

        Sean's Finns
        • 122s: DESTROYED
        • Jakaari: 4 stands
        Steven's Armored Rifles
        • M18s: DESTROYED
        • Shermans: DESTROYED
        • Cav Recon: DESTROYED

        TURN 5 SUMMARY
        Sean's Finns: Sean goes right for the company break, capitalizing on my bloodthirsty use of my recon!
        Steven's Armored Rifles: Ouch!

        Defeat from the jaws of victory! Lesson learned: That cav recon platoon shouldn't shoot unless absolutely necessary! I figured I'd sit at 12" away so his SMG teams couldn't return fire. But I hadn't thought about his tanks! Well played by Sean, a very fun battle to be sure!

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