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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Panzerwerfer Battery

For our Tale of 2 Cities series of posts, I decided to get a GBX38 Armoured Rocket Launcher Battery box to round out my German artillery. 8 of these cleaned my clock at Southern Front a while ago, so I wanted to try them out.

....and, they look cool!

These guys come cast on a large base that is sculpted to give you four unique models once assembled. The also some with an option for the Vielfachwerfer mortar type thing. If you magnetize your rockets like I did, you can add in that option later. Overall, I liked these guys -- the box set has everything you need to get your Flames of War armored rockets on the table.

- Everything in one box!
- 2 complete options for armament

- No option to move model around on the base, as it is one piece

- I KNOW I am crazy, but one of the Riflemen had a SWAT carry pose with his K98K. PORT ARMS is correct! He was given to Luke to be decapitated to replace the head on a headless German driver.

SCORE: 3 of 4 Former Flyers Winning their first Stanley Cup with the LA Kings.


SonBae said...

Totally agree ..... These are some sweet models and a complete section in one box! Only thing better is 2 boxes for a complete 8 launcher battery with all the fixins. Only thing I don't like is they reused some of the ammo handlers from the Neb units. The guys holding the rocket vertically just aren't my favorite sculps...and you get 2 of them on some guns. The sculps for the guys working on the actually launcher (they don't have bases) are very nice.

Love what you did with them. Those look great Jon.

Neal Smith said...

These look awesome and the crew are real nice too!

I'm glad I waited to get this box instead of buying them separately.

eviltediz43 said...

What's wrong with port arms?

Dirty Jon said...

@evil: Nothing -- I'm saying he NEEDS to be carrying at port arms, not that SWAT bs pose. =)

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