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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Panzer IV/70 (V)

I have been working on the old painting queue lately, and I finally got around to the Battlefront Panzer IV/70s I had sitting around. This unit is pretty good for Flames of War - kind of a poor man's Panther. Clocking in at 150pts each, they are a pretty good value for the cost. You give up some armor front and side, a turret and some mobility for the points break.

Again, I went for my standard camouflage technique. I did go for smaller patches, which I like for these.

D'oh! I forgot to rust the SPARE tracks on one of these - AND I forgot antenna -- man, I'm slackin'!

To avoid silvering of the decal on the Zimmerit, I applied the decal with water as normal. After that, I took my hobby knife and made holes all around the numbering in the clear areas. This allowed the decal solvent to get behind and solve the silvering problem.

From the Grey Wolf source book from Battlefront Miniatures. Image courtesy of Easy Army.

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