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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mid War US Armored Rifles vs German Armored Panzergrenadiers

Fairly quick batrep here.  I am gonna let the pictures do the talkin'.  The battle was quite interesting- we basically ran foils of each other's army.  Then we faced off in an evenly-matched battle.  Thus, the result wasn't all that surprising.  We both suffered from stalled attacks in the face of stiff resistance and neither one of us could make anything happen.  The mission is Dust Up.

The board.  The mission is Dust Up.
Steven's Armored Rifles

Jon's Armored Panzergrenadiers

Jon starts with 1 PzG platoon, Marders, and his 8-rads on the board.

I start with 1 ARP, Shermans, M10s

Jon's infantry hold the church with his halftracks parked on the road.

Jon's recon move to shut down my TD security section

Shermans threaten 8-rads

Planes take out a single halftrack

M10s security section hides in the area where Jon's reserves will arrive

While Shermans take up defensive positions as well.

Jon's recon pushes into my flank

Jon's defensive position.  Halftracks move forward for fire support.

reserves arrive!

But Jon repels the assault.  Bummer.

Jon's reserves arrive!

A lone marder takes a pot shot

And nails a Sherman

Halftracks pour the fire on the US ARs as Mortars arrive to reinforce the position.

The Armored Rifles dig in and weather the storm

Panzer IIIs arrive from reserve!

And stormtrooper into cover.

M10s spring their ambush

Nailing 2 Panzer IIIs and bailing a 3rd.

Nebelwerfers arrive from reserve

And are immediately harassed by planes!

Panzer IIIs fall to combined fire from M10s and Shermans

1 Nebelwerfer goes down

Jon's pak 36 nails an M10!


This is looking tough for the US to break out of.

Jon's 8 rads in the rear area

As the game is clearly a draw, I roll out with everything hoping my .50 cals can A) run the PzG halftracks and B) bail/destroy the 2 active marders giving me a chance to assault the objective.  But it's not to be.  We call the game a draw.  I lost no Platoons while Jon lost his Panzer IIIs.  2-1 draw.

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