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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Introducing "A Tale of 2 Cities"- A short series for new players

Joe Krone approached us with the idea of doing a project inspired by "The Tale of 4 Gamers" from years gone by.  The purpose is to follow 2 groups of gamers from just getting into Flames of War through to having their first army done, and talking through all the issues that may crop up from force planning to budgeting to painting.  So over the next few weeks you'll hear from me, Joe, Jon, and Tom as we think through planning and building up a new army.  On the other side of the coin you will be hearing from some BF USA Staff as well, offering a different point of view! (Click here to read the article on  The Battle Front site)

Of course, none of us (with the possible exception of Joe :P) are new players anymore, so we will be simulating our experiences somewhat.  We think that by approaching it in this manner we can offer insight into the process and be a valuable tool for new players!

So without further ado, week 1 is devoted to planning our forces.  At this point the 4 of us have decided to do Late War, but not restrict the source book.  Joe and I are going allies, with each of us choosing to play Americans.  Tom and Jon are representing the axis.

My Planned US 1st ID Rifle Company

The Battlefront crew have done an excellent job of price breakdowns- which is something we will look at as well, but with slightly less emphasis.  Instead, the WWPD Crew will really look at the WHY and HOW of the lists we're creating.  What platoon choices and why?  So, I'll start!

I've decided to play Veteran US Rifles from Turning Tide.  My thought process for building this list is something like this:
First, I want big veteran platoons bristling with weaponry.  So I'm taking 2 platoons at 11 stands each.  I am buying to HQ bazookas, bringing each unit to 12.  Then I am going to allocate out my 2 LMGs.  I could either split them up or load one platoon up, depending on the mission.

I could start with a Veteran Rifle platoon with 2 LMGs, 3 bazookas, and 10 rifle teams holding an objective if I so desired!

Next, I know I want some mortar support as either a cheap pinning unit, or for direct firing stubborn defenders.  Next, I need to address enemy armor!  I decide some towed tank destroyers will do the trick.  I've loaded them up with bazooka teams as well, making for one seriously mean ambushing unit.

For mobility and anti-infantry I want Stuarts.  These guys combined with my cav recon platoon will keep units tied down or make grabs for objectives.

Finally, I decided I want some good ol' fashioned American artillery.  I've gone with 4 105s and 4 155s.  These guys can combine into a double wide battery with AT 5, FP 3+!

In the next installment, I will look at putting the force together and making any necessary tweaks.

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