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Saturday, June 23, 2012

George S. Patton Jr.

As some of you may know- this is a model I've been excited about for a very long time.  I was excited to see his rules in Blood Guts & Glory, and I think Battlefront have done a good job of representing the man on the tabletop!

The model is a neat, modified M20 Utility Vehicle.  The Patton model is iconic and well detailed- check out those twin revolvers!  Also included is the dismounted Patton with his dog Willy (William the Conqueror).  Also included is a sticker sheet for the flags and license plates.  I would advise adding a bit of super glue to the stickers as they weren't all that sticky.  I like their inclusion (I'd love to see the same for some soviet flags!).  So now I will let the pictures speak for themselves and highlight Patton's cool rules!

Lieutenant General George S. Patton Jr. is a Warrior and Higher Command Transport Team rated Fearless Veteran. He is mounted in an M20 utility car. You may field Patton for +100 points with the Tank Company on page 22 of Blood, Guts, & Glory, or the Armored Rifle Company on page 26, or the Tank Destroyer Company on page 32 Blood, Guts, & Glory.
Foul Mouth
In any turn in which Patton did not move At the Double, all American platoons with their Platoon Command team in Line Of Sight of Patton pass Motivation Tests on a result of 3+.
The Greatest Soldier
If Patton is Destroyed during the game American morale at the front and back home suffers a huge loss, despite any other gains. If this happens, the American player loses one Victory Point and their opponent gains one Victory Point at the end of the battle.

A Pint of Sweat
Each turn Patton may re-roll one die rolled to receive Reserves for his company.

Old Blood & Guts
If your force is the Attacker in a mission, each American platoon within Line Of Sight of Patton may make a Spearhead movement (see page 261 of the rulebook) at the beginning of the game.

Hold 'Em By the Nose and Kick 'Em in the Pants
A force led by Patton has the Always Attack rule (see page 257 of the rulebook).

Edit: Between writing this article and publishing it, we received a very kind gift from Battlefront!  I largely followed their painting tutorial video for Patton but did not catch the last few seconds so I was totally oblivious!  Thanks guys- meant a lot!  Very cool move on their part!

*Patton was provided courtesy of Battlefront Miniatures
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