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Friday, June 29, 2012

Final Arnhem Test

I just finished up Arnhem a few days ago, so Steven and I wanted to get a test match in. We played a variation of the Low Luck method.

So, on with the pictures and some commentary!

The Germans sneak on to the board to assault a house full of Red Devils.

The Brits man the gun line looking west. The Germans are bound to come this way!

Germans Grenadiers come on the board and immediately set up to assault the Brits.

Another platoon of Grenadiers, supported by PAK 40s and 2 Tiger IIs.

The assault on the house did not pan out for the Germans -- Frost is there!

Frost and his men use a PIAT to take out a StuG - another was taken out by Artillery from Oosterbeek.

Graebner's Recce arrives! What's that, a mine field? Oh, we can get through....

....or not. Recce cut to ribbons by 6pdrs and Arty.

With clever use of smoke, the Grenadiers are able to move up.

The King Tigers didn't seem all that useful at first... until they started assaulting HMGs and 6pdrs.

The sad remnants of the Recce force push through.

At this point, Steven and I call it. We had a pretty aggressive defense set up for the Brits, and the Germans were very aggressive as well. It looked horrible for the Germans, until we saw that they had 1 of the 3 objectives clear and 1 contested with pressure still coming.
In the end, Steven and I declared the forces fair and the terrain understandable, which is what we were after.
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