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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Early War German Kradschützen

Quick post today taking a look at this Kradschutzen box I've had sitting around for ages and finally painted!  I won these guys eons ago at a tournament but couldn't bring myself to assemble them. 
The assembly was really quite daunting for someone like me who really does not enjoy modeling!  I love painting, but not assembling.  Even painting was a challenge only because there was so much bloody surface area!

But finally after working on them piece meal over the course of a solid month they finally made it through to completion.
Though I would likely not paint another group of them anytime soon, I must say the end result is quite satisfying.  I mean- how can a bunch of motorcycles with sidecars not be just freakin' awesome?  Look at them!
Thanks for having a look!

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