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Saturday, June 9, 2012

British Anti-Tank Platoon (6 Pounders)

You all already know from the Podcast and my previous post how I feel about the British 6-pounder AT gun. Well, I sold off some AT Guns from another manufacturer and picked up a Battlefront Tom Stanley Box Set (which seems to be out of print right now) at Cold Wars.

4 of these + Command are only 100 points at the Confident Trained level and 135 at Confident Vet! Version 3 really boosted these guys. Specifically:

- 3+ save when Gone to Ground
- Can fire over Infantry teams at vehicles
- Can fire as Rifle teams when desired
- Can shoot at Tanks in Assault

I needed another platoon of these for Arnhem, having decided to scratch the 17pdrs here, as they never made it into town. These are not Paratroopers, but I think they will be ok to use in the scenario.


minutiaeofwar said...

These look great, very nice on the arnhem board.

not2oldtowargame said...

Ditto the last comment - these are really great. Like the street sign on the command base. Are these guns AT only or can they fire HE?

cbaxter said...

great looking work

Colonel Saber said...

During mid war they have the no he rule, but they do not have that rule during late war.

Dirty Jon said...

Thanks, Guys!

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