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Saturday, June 9, 2012

British Anti-Tank Platoon (6 Pounders)

You all already know from the Podcast and my previous post how I feel about the British 6-pounder AT gun. Well, I sold off some AT Guns from another manufacturer and picked up a Battlefront Tom Stanley Box Set (which seems to be out of print right now) at Cold Wars.

4 of these + Command are only 100 points at the Confident Trained level and 135 at Confident Vet! Version 3 really boosted these guys. Specifically:

- 3+ save when Gone to Ground
- Can fire over Infantry teams at vehicles
- Can fire as Rifle teams when desired
- Can shoot at Tanks in Assault

I needed another platoon of these for Arnhem, having decided to scratch the 17pdrs here, as they never made it into town. These are not Paratroopers, but I think they will be ok to use in the scenario.

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