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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Battlefield in a Box: Rural Road Expansion Set

We had another entry in the Battlefield in a Box terrain line from Battlefront Miniatures!  Today we're looking at the new Rural Roads Expansion.  The items are ready to hit the table right away!  These should check in at about $45 USD - price isn't out yet (UPDATE: $45 it is!).  This set includes some neat stuff -- see it all below.

Cool stuff included! 2 intersections, cobblestone transition, short straight, railroad track, crossing and small curve. The original came with 4 long straights and 2 long curves.

These can go right down on the table, but flocking is included to dress these up.

I used my own flock to match my boards at home. I think these dress up nice. Mine are a little darker because my tables are not as neon-green as the BF ones.

The paint job on these things is decent. The highlighting looks fine.

I love the crossing -- genius!

This transition is also really cool.
*Models Courtesy of Battlefront Miniatures

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