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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Something Else Sunday: Normans for Saga

As we've mentioned on both the podcast and the forum, we though it would be neat to "try something different" every Sunday.  We plan to stay focused on FoW Monday through Saturday, but we're versatile gamers and we're willing to bet you are too.  So, to kick off these Something Else Sundays, here are a few pics of my first Normans for SAGA!

These are Conquest Games plastic Norman Knights which are a great deal.  The shield transfers are by Little Big Man Studios.

All of this was purchased from Architects of War, who were very communicative and seemed very friendly!

The only issue is, of course, that the Conquest Games normans don't have the "boss" on the shields- and the transfers do!  I painted them gunmetal for now, but need to use some greenstuff to add them in later.

Stay tuned for more as Dirty Jon and I prepare to pit our forces against each other in furious, medieval combat!

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