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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Somethin' Else Sunday: Viking Bondi

WWPD has talked on both the podcast and the forum about trying other stuff on Sundays.  I present for your amusement my Vikings for Gripping Beast's SAGA!

These are Wargames Factory plastic Viking Bondi that can be had for under $20! You get 32 figures that can be equipped with whatever you want -- 2 handers to bows. You may need a couple of boxes for full options, but I just wanted 8 spear and shield guys, which was no problem. I will do 8 more from this box with different weapons. SAGA is pretty open for what you give your guys for weapons -- it is mostly cosmetic.  The shield transfers are by Little Big Man Studios - very easy to put on and I think they look real good -- I did have to trim the decal down just a little, as these shields are slightly smaller than the ones in the Gripping Beast box.

I saw around the Interwebs that this box set was SOOOO customizable, that people were posing their guys in some pretty unrealistic stances. The options combined with the more 'action oriented' pose of the body might have messed people up - I think I did ok with realistic poses, no?

The Bondi are my 'standard troops' and come in a set of 8 -- not 4 like my 'elite' Hirdmen. I need some bodies to take the charge from Steven's horse-boys, right? Steven and I are all ready to get some terrain at Historicon --- look for Batreps this summer!

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