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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Somethin' Else Sunday: SAGA Vikings

WWPD has talked on both the podcast and the forum about trying other stuff on Sundays.  I present for your amusement my Vikings for Gripping Beast's SAGA!

These are Gripping Beast plastic Viking and are a crazy good deal from The War Store.  The shield transfers are by Little Big Men Studios - very easy to put on and I think they look absolutely great.

I love these figures! They are very customizable, but with that you get a fair amount of assembly time.
Steven and I are really keeping this to a 2nd tier game -- hence, we are going for table-top quality and using washes heavily.

I'm gonna beat Steven's horse-boys to death with these drunken Norsemen! No sleep 'til Hammersmith!

Check out these really awesome SAGA Vikings from TMP regular Derek H.

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