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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sherman M4A3E8 "Easy 8" Review

 At long last, some new US Armor!  Got my hands on a brand spankin' new box of Detroit's finest!  The M4A3E8 is easily the coolest of all the Shermans.  With neat new rules to set it apart, The Easy 8 is giving American and German players in Flames of War a lot to think about!

The models themselves are typical Battlefront quality.  Very nice resin hulls and turrets with white metal tracks and accessories (more on the tracks at the end!)
 The box is a great deal, including boat loads of stowage (I was too lazy to paint it, but it really is a great amount), tank commanders, and even a decal sheet and magnets!  Because the molds are so new, I had very little work to get the models prepped for painting.

The level of detail was just right, and the HVSS suspension looked really crisp and clean right out of the box.  I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting US armor painting these guys!
A few of the details on the turret had chipped off.  3/5 had the .50 cal pintle mount broken off- which doesn't annoy me TOO much since I don't really want them sitting that high anyways for storage, but it's worth noting.  The decal sheet may leave you wanting- there's not enough of the "big white stars without a circle around them" to do 3 per tank.  I had to steal some from my Jumbo box.  There are, however, enough numbers and "big white stars with circles on them" for the hulls and engine decks.
There's not a lot bad to say here, but I was a bit surprised at just how beefy this model is.  It seems a tad larger than my other M4s (it SHOULD be wider- but should it be much longer?), though the weight of the tracks may be adding some psychological density to the thing.  It's as heavy as a German heavy tank!  If you're using non-Battlefront shermans this may dwarf them in comparison, although in practice they look fine next to my existing BF M4s on the table.  Side by side with an M4A1 Sherman, they are the same length however.  But now, let's revisit the tracks issue!
Unfortunately, a lot of customers all reported getting messed up tracks for their E8s- where one end was fatter than the other and the treads seemed wildly off.  There was a lot of picture evidence, but fortunately Battlefront acknowledged the problem (stating it was a mold issue) and is rectifying the situation.  IF YOU were unlucky enough to get bad tracks, e-mail Battlefront Customer service and they'll hook you up!
 I was fortunate.  My tracks were fine as you can see from the images below:

In conclusion, the E8s are a cool new tank on the scene.  With a great model and a great statline, the Easy 8 is here to take the fight into Germany!

11 out of 13 HVSS

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