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Friday, May 18, 2012

New Battlefield in a Box: Rural church

Battlefront sent us one of the new Rural Churches to have a look at.  By now anyone reading this knows how much I love the Battlefield in a Box line, so this is going to be less of a review and more of a showcase.
Suffice it to say at the $40 price point, I am certainly impressed with this set!

No thin cardboard packaging here, like what plagued the rural farm houses.

The church comes in 4 pieces: main structure, roof, cupola, and cross adornment.  The adornment will need to be glued to the cupola.

This thing is TALL.

It would definitely work as a nice centerpiece to any game table.

The cupola lifts to hold one small stand.

While the church itself will comfortably hold 5 medium bases

There you have it!  Another great pre-painted piece.  Please keep 'em coming!


Mik said...

Forty bucks? Wow, that's especially nice considering the price. All of the removable sections are pure gold.

I love 15mm, you'd never pull this off and still make it affordable in 28mm.

Neal Smith said...

I wish I didn't already have a similar church... :)

Braxen said...

Neal Smith said...

I wish I didn't already have a similar church... :

I see what you mean, that's the problem when they don't announce a release plan

Lee Hadley said...

Lovely model and a very reasonable price... pity I'm not collecting terrain for a Russian Campaign. Now if battlefront produce some rural buildings for NW Europe/Normandy then I'd part with my money quicker than you could say 'Overlord'.

cbaxter said...

i cant wait to get mine

zsavk said...

ya preordered one as soon as I saw this coming! love these sets. Wish they would re-release the old ones. I saw a whole russian village set somewhere once.

locker.wheelie said...

I preordered one too, along with train station that is coming out. Sometimes the village shows up on the auction site. Expensive, but I like the quality of it.

Izimu said...

Is this a re-release? It looks familiar.

BF in a Box buildings are generally top notch. A LGS has a Italian Monastery and it looks fantastic. Glad to see they are keeping it up.

Eli Arndt said...

Might have to grab one of these for my imagi-nation Alcovia.

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