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Saturday, May 19, 2012

May Arnhem Update

Yet another update for the Arnhem themed game at Historicon this year. I got most of the wooded areas done - I do need to Matte Medium the trees. I also got the towers done and base coated.

The area in the middle with the woods is not yet finished -- I need to add tufts and underbrush. You see where the towers will be on either side. I still need to finish the bridge, or course.

Here you see the woods and a wall I have installed.

This is a backyard in what will be the German deployment zone. Although it looks bare, I am going to leave it this way - there has to be somewhere to set up. This whole project is a compromise of time, cost and historical accuracy.

This street will be in the British deployment area. The large building with the stairs will likely be an objective. It seems that Frost has his Battalion HQ set up in a building in this area.

The rear of the British HQ. I am going to darken up the grey I used for the patio area -- too light.

All of the trees are removable for easy play. The street has a ton of board-construction debris -- all will be cleaned up before the battle.

I like to add in some tufts and darker patches in the wooded areas. For game-play, we are just going to count all the green area here as woods.

Ted and I determined that we would have to make some sort of stick to push tanks under the bridge -- I will come up with something.

This street is only about 25% complete. I will likely add more fences and definitely walkways. If time permits, I might add in sidewalks.

The Brits will be in their houses ready to shoot the Recce that comes crashing over the bridge.

That's it for the update! I need to get this all wrapped up!

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