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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Episode 37 and After Hours Now Available!

Episode 37 is now Live!  The dudes are back in action and ready to chat about a variety of topics!  On the table are Recon, Tank Destroyers, Diablo, Disney, and terrain!  Plenty of silly antics, of course, and lots of crunchy bits too!  We also make completely baseless guesses to the content of Devil's Charge (note- they are a bit outlandish!)

Episode 37: After Hours is also Live!  After recording episode 37 and a long day, the dudes are instantly goofy!  They talk more Tank Destroyers (Seriously, Luke can make a cheesy list!), movies, their upcoming tournaments and more!  Jon also tells the ballad of the Crunk Cups that were not to be! 

edit: Sorry guys, it seems like the metadata is not set correctly so After Hours is still not showing up as a Podcast in iTunes.  This seems to be much more complicated than I thought but we've got top men on it.  Top men.  Anyhow, if you select the track, right click, and go to "Get Info", you can then click the Options tab and select "Podcast" in the Media Type dropdown.  

Terribly sorry, I will try my best to get to the bottom of this!


kbdrand said...

After hours still looks the same as far as iTunes goes. When will the metadata be updates so it shows as a podcast automatically?

Steven MacLauchlan said...

hmmm odd- thought I had it set correctly! Sorry, if there's any issues here they're mine. New system shakedown! Still, I saw mine come through okay, but I'm not sure if I changed something. Let me investigate!

Steven MacLauchlan said...

Wow the more I look into this the more frustrating it is. I'm not 100% sure, but it seems like iTunes ONLY associates mp3s downloaded via RSS as Podcasts- else it defaults them to music. Which is silly. Aparrently it basically ignores metadata (in fact, it seems like it's stripping it).

Trying to get to the bottom of it!

W.DesertForce said...

I like the new system - podcast and AH coming out on the same day! Just what I need for a productive painting session.

Anatoli said...

Great episode as usual guys. Luke's stories are always entertaining as hell, really laughed out loud when he told the story with the eastern European dude pimping his sister LOL!?

About the train tracks from Battlefront, I think it has been discussed before on the forum or in the comments- but I don't think they are going to release curved pieces. The rules have been written in a way so that the train tracks essentially only consist of a straight line. Too bad if you have to place it yourself in games and want to place it around terrain - it does not matter as much in games where the train tracks are already deployed.

Though it is weird that you can't have a curved railroad anymore, and not as visually appealing.

My main beef, far above every other problem I have with Diablo 3 is the DRM issue with the constant online requirement for single player campaign. I just won't buy a game that is essentially "leased" to me for as long as the company provides servers. All the in game content is generated on Blizzard servers so I don't think a "crack" is enough to circumvent this issue if you just want to install and register the game and then play offline - it's far beyond that this time around.

This is something I think is rather outrageous, and though Blizzard aren’t the only company doing this I do think they are just punishing honest consumers with this DRM crap. Up until a few years back you bought a game and installed it straight out of the box – and played it. Now you buy 65% of a game, have to download the remaining percentage, register, log in to some crap like Steam, Rockstar social network, Battlenet etc and then constantly be online to play…. The interesting thing about this whole thing is that only the largest and most successful companies and publishers are doing this. Wonderful games like The Witcher 2 made by smaller studios don’t do this when they really should have the biggest reason to. Even Skyrim (and previous Elder Scrolls and recent Fallout games ) from Bethesda which is a big company , does not force you do deal with this kind of stuff.

So, I could perhaps cope with the imo ugly art direction which is my nr2 beef with Diablo 3, but the DRM is a reason for me to boycott this title.

Steven MacLauchlan said...

Here's an easy way to convert the mp3 to a podcast: Sorry, it looks like this is an iTunes issue. Basically iTunes says "Oh, you think this is a podcast? WELL I DIDN'T GET IT FROM AN RSS FEED SO YOU MUST BE WRONG NOOB!". Annoying. Apologies.

2) No, libsyn doesn't currently support paypal, though they've recently rolled out an entirely new system and from what I understand paypal support for subscriptions is coming.

Anatoli- I agree! I *hate* DRM. If I had wanted to play Diablo Single Player and had to deal with this, I probably wouldn't have gotten it . However, since I only really play with friends it's a bit of a non-issue, except that I agree with you 100% idealogically.

jester_prince said...

Anatoli - I totaly agree with you too, its annoying when single player games require you to be constantly online, (that said I am a HUGE fan of steam, but mostly becase they have done the download service right, but thats a whole other discussion).

The problem is, is Diable is not a single player game, Yes you can do it alone, but when I play it, I get the feeling that the whole game was built from the ground up to played cooperatively. The nature of the mobs is proof of that.

Its also incredibly dull to play alone, you introduce a friend or two and its a blast.

Its also a game that dosnt require a blisteringly fast connection to play, so unless you have dial up, playing it alone is inexcusable.

Games like Diablo and borderlands(which i constantly hear slated) are capable of playing alone, but its really not playing the game how it was meant to be played.

zsavk said...

I subscribed to some MyLib thing and payed for a 1 year. Now I have no idea how to get the After hours episode. It doesnt seem to show up and there are no directions.

Steven MacLauchlan said...

Click the podcast link or on the image in the post above. This will take you to there you will ser all of the regular and after hours episodes. There is a link underneath each one "download this episode"

Ive also statted adding an FAQ to the after hours link in the menu bar up top!


zsavk said...

Hmm when I hit Download it just goes to a black screen with a play button and starts playing the episode. Doesnt seem to be downloading. I also got a message while trying to figure things out that said this product was not available in the Canadian ITunes Store.

Steven MacLauchlan said...

hmm when you left click the media it's playing in your browser- that's the black screen, and is browser default behavior. Right click on "download this" and select "Save as" and you can save it to your hard drive!

zsavk said...

Thanks Steven! That was the trick. Appreciate the help. :)

Steven MacLauchlan said...

No problem! I;ve also added an FAQ on the After Hours index page so you can have it show up as a podcast in iTunes!

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