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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Episode 37 and After Hours Now Available!

Episode 37 is now Live!  The dudes are back in action and ready to chat about a variety of topics!  On the table are Recon, Tank Destroyers, Diablo, Disney, and terrain!  Plenty of silly antics, of course, and lots of crunchy bits too!  We also make completely baseless guesses to the content of Devil's Charge (note- they are a bit outlandish!)

Episode 37: After Hours is also Live!  After recording episode 37 and a long day, the dudes are instantly goofy!  They talk more Tank Destroyers (Seriously, Luke can make a cheesy list!), movies, their upcoming tournaments and more!  Jon also tells the ballad of the Crunk Cups that were not to be! 

edit: Sorry guys, it seems like the metadata is not set correctly so After Hours is still not showing up as a Podcast in iTunes.  This seems to be much more complicated than I thought but we've got top men on it.  Top men.  Anyhow, if you select the track, right click, and go to "Get Info", you can then click the Options tab and select "Podcast" in the Media Type dropdown.  

Terribly sorry, I will try my best to get to the bottom of this!

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