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Monday, May 28, 2012

Battlefield in a Box: Train Station

It's about that time again!  Let me drool over some new Battlefield in a Box terrain from Battlefront Miniatures!  Today we're looking at the new Train Station.  As usual, everything comes fully painted and ready to play right out of the box!  At the time of writing I can't find a listed price, but based on the cost of the Church, I'd expect $40 USD.  Since you all probably know how much I love this entire series, I will spare you a wordy review and instead let the pictures do the talking.

Again, the packaging is improved over the Rural farm houses.  My model arrived with no issues at all.

The train station would look equally at home on the Western Front, I believe.

I just realized I had this facing the wrong way!  THIS is the platform side.  Oops.

The roof is sturdy, without being the solid block of previous offerings

4 medium bases fit comfortably

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