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Sunday, April 1, 2012

WWPD Heads in a New Direction

Alright everyone, mark your calendars.  On this day, the 1st of April, 2012, we are officially changing direction!  We've been faithful to Flames of War for a long time now, but we feel we're ready to grow beyond that.  Effective today, we decided we'd be fools to keep going on the way we are, so we are officially switching to Warhammer!  We know you all are as excited about that as we are, so here's some teasers of posts you have to look forward to in the future!

N00b Zone: Skirmishers

N00b Zone: Magic Hammer
Army Spotlight: Sisters of Battle
Heroes Spotlight

We hope you're as excited as we are!  Click here to read more about our new direction.


zsavk said...

I CANT WAIT!!! All the email requests and the online petition finally payed off!

Dave said...

HAHA, Gad to see you have come to the"grim"dark side.

Tyler said...

Nice! I couldn't stand FoW anyways :D

Matt D said...

That's just mean, I about had a heart attack. I cant stand 40k, I wanted to throw something. Nice one guys, you got me good.

locker.wheelie said...

I just put my entire FOW collection on eBay.

Matt Varnish said...

This one is almost as good as the fake Blizzard iphone games: Zergling Teaches Typing, Turbo Science Vessel, The Westfall Trail, and the best: Supply Depot 2.

WEBGriffin said...

Yeah, FoW sucks!! V3 is the WORST thing ever to hit the hobby!

sean said...

Nice! Just in time for the new Empire Army book. I can paint up some Semi-Griffins and giant horse drawn astronomey telescopes of WAR!

Yet Another Wargaming Blogger said...

Thank God. You know, 40k has so much cooler modles and its not lik u can go intoa Lamesofwarstore can you? Lames of war is nothing but a bunch of rulez lawyerz. U don't C those in 40k. Plus we got more l33t paintz than Battlefront.Take that loozers.
Soon az I get my drivers license, I'll drive up an take on you n00bz.

not2oldtowargame said...

You made only three mistakes:
First - ya shudda taken the FoW only job.
Second - ya shudda picked the day to post more carefully.
Third - the real big one - ya shudda posted only UNPAINTED 40K models!
Ya can't fool me!

Baron Gustav said...

So you guys renaming to 'What Would Horus Do'


Leman Russ Tank = T34
Baneblade = Tiger II
Space Marine = SS (They both are genocidal zealots)
Gretchin = Italians (cause they ran away a lot)
Death Corp of Krieg = Germans
Imperial Guard = Russians
etc ......

ahschmidt said...


TheIra said...

Haha, fooled me too. Doesn't help my iPad would not open the link. Good to know its fake. I am a "recovering" GW player and love FoW.

SonBae said...

Knew it was a joke right from the first picture...if it was to be a real 40k site aabout 40k gaming the models wouldnt have been painted ;-)

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