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Thursday, April 26, 2012

US Tank Destroyers vs German Panzers

I was eager to give the TD company a shot, and Eric was looking to run his Nationals list through the ringer, so we decided to throw down! We rolled for the mission and randomly rolled up "Counter Attack". I was worried that the mobile reserves were going to hurt, but I know I picked my quadrants perfectly. Eric would have a difficult time getting to the objectives, and would have to guard his flanks well!

Eric's Panzerkompanie
  • HQ: 2x Panzer IV H + Von Saucken + Bergepanther
  • 4x Panzer IV H
  • 3x Panzer IV H
  • Armored 3.7cm AAA
  • 3x Hornisse
  • Nebelwerfers
  • Sporadic Air (Cannon Stukas)
Steven's Tank Destroyer Company
  • HQ (2x M20) (vet)
  • Tank Destroyer Platoon (vet)
  • Tank Destroyer Platoon (vet)
  • Full Armored Rifle Platoon (vet)
  • 4x M5A4 Stuarts (trained)
  • 105mm Battery (trained)
  • Cav Recon (trained)


The board. My deployment zone is the bottom left. Eric is bottom right. My reserves arrive top right. Objectives are bottom left in the green field, and top left next to the bridge.

Eric puts 4 Panzer IVs and the company commander along the road.

Panzer IVs + the 2iC + Hornisse + Von Saucken deploy in attack pattern Derek, ready to push "northwards" and confront my reserves.

I start with my 105s on the board. Along the road are my 2iC, HQ, and 1 Tank Destroyer platoon. My Armored Rifles are put in ambush.

The lay of the land.

On the recon move, the HQ and 2iC + 2 of the 3 vehicles from the tank destroyer security section race down the road.

Eric's Panzerkompanie
    Steven's Tank Destroyer Company
    • Tank Destroyers
    • Stuarts
    • Cav Recon

    Eric's Panzerkompanie: Eric prepares to send 4 Panzer IVs with the HQ westward while the rest of his force intends to push North and then West to contend with my reserves.
    Steven's Tank Destroyer Company: My choices for deployment are limited as a result of Mobile reserves. 105s go on the board along with the HQ, 2iC, and security section of tank destroyer unit 1. Armored Rifles go in reserve.

    TURN 1

    Panzers deployed along the road move onto the hill, staying hidden behind the rocky outcropping.

    Eric's force navigates the fields.

    Reserves arrive in the perfect spot. The first tank destroyer unit is ready to delay the Germans.

    Eric's Panzerkompanie
      Steven's Tank Destroyer Company

        TURN 1 SUMMARY
        Eric's Panzerkompanie: Everything moves forward, but no shots are taken.
        Steven's Tank Destroyer Company: Reserves arrive early! Everything gets into position, ready to get shooting. The jeep and 1 M20 from the first tank destroyer unit make use of their mobility and get near the manor in the center, heaving left one M20 behind in the wheat with the 105s.

        TURN 2

        Turn 2

        Planes swoop in on the Tank Destroyers that just arrived!

        One M20 goes up!

        Panzers continue to navigate the hill.

        Panzers and lighter vehicles scramble like roaches at the presence of the Tank Destroyers! 2 Hornisse bog entering a wood.

        Armored rifles spring their ambush in response to the panzers probing the ford.

        The first of the M18s show themselves!

        The 2nd M18 unit can either deploy in support of the first or all the way back at the 105s. Flexibility rules.

        The net result is 2 killed and 1 bailed Panzer IV.

        But the M18s have a great position overlooking tons of open ground that is difficult for the Panzers to navigate. If you peer behind the woods on the left you can see where the 4 Stuarts arrived from reserve. They took flank shots on Panzer IVs but whiffed.

        3 bazooka shots nail a Panzer IV!

        Eric's Panzerkompanie
        • (4x) Panzer IV Platoon- 1 tanks.
        • (3x) Panzer IV Platoon- 2 tanks.
        Steven's Tank Destroyer Company
        • Tank Destroyers 1: 1 M20.

        TURN 2 SUMMARY
        Eric's Panzerkompanie: Panzers near the ford push forward, testing the waters. On the other flank everything attempts to make it to cover in anticipationg of the tank destroyers.
        Steven's Tank Destroyer Company: Stuarts race down the board edge, flanking Panzer IVs as M18s pop on the crest of the hill, gutting the 3 strong Panzer IV platoon. Armored Rifles reveal themselves across the stream, holding the first objective. Bazooka fire successfully knocks out a Panzer IV.

        TURN 3

        Turn 3. No planes.

        Nebelwerfers hit the M18s on the hill, bailing one out.

        smoke trails!

        return fire from Panzers, Hornisse, and AAA results in 1 dead Stuart and 2 bailed. Unfortunately the 1 dead Stuart is the Platoon CO- they aren't goin anywhere!

        The Panzer IVs move to stormtrooper to get away from the M18s with the help of Von Saucken.

        Except... they both bog.

        The Bergepanther frees 1 Hornisse.

        The Germans are successfully held up on the far end of the table, well away from the objectives.

        The M18s finish off the 2iC and the remaining Panzer IV.

        Eric's Panzerkompanie
        • (4x) Panzer IV Platoon: 1 tank
        • (3x) Panzer IV Platoon: DESTROYED
        • HQ: 2iC
        Steven's Tank Destroyer Company
        • Stuarts: 1 tank

        TURN 3 SUMMARY
        Eric's Panzerkompanie: The Germans focus fire on the Stuarts, but fail to run them away!
        Steven's Tank Destroyer Company: Cav Recon arrives, staying behind the M18s on the hill. M18s finish off the Panzer IVs on the left flank.

        TURN 4

        Turn 4. No air. Note the cav recon just behind the ridge in the North East (where the M18s have dominated the open ground)

        Panzer IVs near the ford move up the hill.

        And long range shooting knocks out the command jeep of the yet-to-be-revealed M18 platoon.

        Nebelwerfers slam into the M18s and Cav Recon, but cause no casualties.

        With few available targets, the M18s fire back on the Nebelwerfers, but cause no damage.

        Eric's Panzerkompanie
        • (4x) Panzer IV Platoon: 1 tank
        • (3x) Panzer IV Platoon: DESTROYED
        • HQ: 2iC
        Steven's Tank Destroyer Company
        • Stuarts: 1 tank
        • TD Platoon 1: HQ jeep

        TURN 4 SUMMARY
        Eric's Panzerkompanie: Eric continues to focus on the Stuarts but causes no additional harm. Panzers near the Ford pull back.
        Steven's Tank Destroyer Company: M18s take pot shots on the Nebelwerfers. 105s have been pinned since turn 2 when an errant nebelwerfers barrage struck them!

        TURN 5

        Top of 5.

        Hornisse and AAA focus relentlessly on the Stuarts.

        Killing all but one!

        Finally the 105s unpin!

        And slam into the Panzers who finally built up the courage to push the ford!

        Finally after much maneuvering with the security section, the 2nd M18 platoon springs their ambush near the ford.

        Nabbing 2 more Panzer IVs.

        3 Hornisse and AAA all whiff on the Stuart!

        Who gets ballsy and opens fire on the AAA, knocking out one vehicle!

        Eric's Panzerkompanie
        • (4x) Panzer IV Platoon: 3 tanks
        • (3x) Panzer IV Platoon: DESTROYED
        • HQ: 2iC
        • AAA: one vehicle
        Steven's Tank Destroyer Company
        • Stuarts: 3 tanks
        • TD Platoon 1: HQ jeep

        TURN 5 SUMMARY
        Eric's Panzerkompanie: Realizing the objectives need to be pressed, Eric's Panzers finally push towards "my" objective.
        Steven's Tank Destroyer Company: After crazy amounts of maneuvering and using the HQ + 2iC to stretch the command distance to the limit, the 2nd Tank Destroyer unit pops near the defender's objective, and knocks out 2 Panzer IVs. The last remaining Stuart goes to ground.

        TURN 6

        Turn 6.

        Hornisse and AAA continue hounding the Stuart... and whiff.

        M18s finish off the other Panzer IVs.

        Armored Rifles moved out, ready to mop up if the M18s failed.

        Eric is now nowhere near the objectives.

        Eric's Panzerkompanie
        • (4x) Panzer IV Platoon: DESTROYED
        • (3x) Panzer IV Platoon: DESTROYED
        • HQ: 2iC
        • AAA: one vehicle
        Steven's Tank Destroyer Company
        • Stuarts: 3 tanks
        • TD Platoon 1: HQ jeep

        TURN 6 SUMMARY
        Eric's Panzerkompanie: Eric returns fire on the M18s near the ford: all miss. Hornisse and AAA fire on the last remaining stuarts, and fail again!
        Steven's Tank Destroyer Company: M18s wipe out the remaining Panzer IVs.

        TURN 7

        Eric stays in the game, shooting for the victory point that he will earn- if he can kill the Stuart.

        A lone Stuka swoops in on the M18s holding the ridge!

        A Hornisse moves past the Stuart- Eric is going for broke and hoping to get 2 victory points!

        Finally, the last Stuart goes up, earning Eric that victory point.

        But as the Hornisse misses the mark, the M18s deftly knock out the Stuka with their .50 cals!

        Eric's Panzerkompanie
        • (4x) Panzer IV Platoon: DESTROYED
        • (3x) Panzer IV Platoon: DESTROYED
        • HQ: 2iC
        • AAA: one vehicle
        Steven's Tank Destroyer Company
        • Stuarts: 3 tanks
        • TD Platoon 1: HQ jeep

        TURN 7 SUMMARY
        Eric's Panzerkompanie: Eric has no hope of contesting any objectives now, and goes for VPs! He scores one by wiping out the Stuarts.
        Steven's Tank Destroyer Company: I start my turn with no enemy teams within 16" of an objective, giving me the victory.
        Well, the TD list was very good, although to be fair they were facing a list they were very very strong to! Still, I underestimated their veterancy. They were very difficult to return fire on, especially since they were both placed in the perfect spots! Thanks to Eric for an enjoyable, if one sided, game.

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        jmezz382 said...

        Wow .... awesome game guys

        cbaxter said...

        thanks for the AAR guys

        Tyler said...

        Really shows the power of the new veteran US TDs!

        Phil Gardocki said...

        Eric should know better. If the "Flank March" comes on early, go an smash it.

        SinSynn said...

        Never use pink dice.
        Example above.

        Rabid Monkey said...

        Nice report! I gotta say, the camo on those AA trucks is brilliant.

        Izimu said...

        Very classic match up. One of these days I would like to see how the TDs fare against an infantry force.

        SonBae said...

        Agree with Rapid Monkey... That fine line squiggle camo is off the hook. How did you do it!

        Samulus said...

        Textbook use of the TD force, well played!

        Clockwerks said...

        Hey Steve would you be able to post an article on how you paint your US armor? I'd love to know how you do your detailing!

        Mike Reese said...

        Nashorns have a 40 inch range. I was surprised they didn't start in a wood edge Gone to Ground covering the Pz IV advance over that open ground? They have almost no armor. If the M18 on the hill could reach the Nebelwerfers a Nashorn could reach the hill.

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