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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review: Battlefront's Street Barricades (XBX01)

Here we are with another review of a product from Battlefront's Defences line. This box set has been out for a while, but we just got around to taking a look. With the new rules for Street Barricades (p228 of the V3 Rulebook), I figured it was about time to paint these guys up!

Quick Rules Summary:
- Teams stop when reaching the barricade. Very Difficult to cross, but impassable to Cav and Trains.
- Provide Concealment and Bulletproof Cover.
- Assaulting teams must start their charge adjacent to the barricade.
- Bunker Busters within 16" can gap barricades with a skill test during Shooting.

British Red Devils get ready to assault the Germans' hastily prepared obstacle.

You get 2 large barricades that are exactly the same model. However, the removable sections are quite different -- one has a lamp post, the other is a German Opel truck turned on edge.
You get all 4 pieces packed in styrofoam for $26 (USD).  The models are VERY detailed and will take quite a long time to paint. If you are not a big modeling/painting person, you may want to skip these... or get someone else to paint them!

The Germans wait behind the second section of barricade.

These are VERY wide. I think that applying them to a board would be kinda fiddly.

This is a little blurry, but it does show you just how wide these guys are. They are perfect for use in a city center as I have set up here.

Conclusion: 6 of 8 Panzer IV Road Wheels

- Very Detailed Models. I can't get over the amount of sculpting and detail here.
- Available. What are you going to do -- make your own?
- The price point is pretty good.

- Take a LONG time to paint. If that is your thing, then have at it!
- I had some bubbles in the cobblestones -- that is hard to avoid for the manufacturer. The bubbles did add some time to the modeling/painting, as I filled most with Green Stuff.

- Nothing. I think these look good and I am glad that I have them available for my lists.


Anatoli said...

They look phenomenal, excellent paintjob as well Jon. Whatever time you spent on these was time well spent.

jmezz382 said...

Love em dude. I love details and love to paint so these are my cup of tea !

cbaxter said...

great work on the barricades DJ, i had a lot of fun painting mine for the table

SinSynn said...

You forgot to add 'packed in styrofoam as a 'pro.'

Real nice paintjob on those, btw.

The Kiwi said...

Very cool detail. Love the old beds. Great paint job.

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