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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review: Battlefront's Street Barricades (XBX01)

Here we are with another review of a product from Battlefront's Defences line. This box set has been out for a while, but we just got around to taking a look. With the new rules for Street Barricades (p228 of the V3 Rulebook), I figured it was about time to paint these guys up!

Quick Rules Summary:
- Teams stop when reaching the barricade. Very Difficult to cross, but impassable to Cav and Trains.
- Provide Concealment and Bulletproof Cover.
- Assaulting teams must start their charge adjacent to the barricade.
- Bunker Busters within 16" can gap barricades with a skill test during Shooting.

British Red Devils get ready to assault the Germans' hastily prepared obstacle.

You get 2 large barricades that are exactly the same model. However, the removable sections are quite different -- one has a lamp post, the other is a German Opel truck turned on edge.
You get all 4 pieces packed in styrofoam for $26 (USD).  The models are VERY detailed and will take quite a long time to paint. If you are not a big modeling/painting person, you may want to skip these... or get someone else to paint them!

The Germans wait behind the second section of barricade.

These are VERY wide. I think that applying them to a board would be kinda fiddly.

This is a little blurry, but it does show you just how wide these guys are. They are perfect for use in a city center as I have set up here.

Conclusion: 6 of 8 Panzer IV Road Wheels

- Very Detailed Models. I can't get over the amount of sculpting and detail here.
- Available. What are you going to do -- make your own?
- The price point is pretty good.

- Take a LONG time to paint. If that is your thing, then have at it!
- I had some bubbles in the cobblestones -- that is hard to avoid for the manufacturer. The bubbles did add some time to the modeling/painting, as I filled most with Green Stuff.

- Nothing. I think these look good and I am glad that I have them available for my lists.

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