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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Panzer 38(t) flatbed car

This little beauty was cast and assembled by John Sulek of the I-95 crew.  He e-mailed me about it prior to Cold Wars and made sure I got 2 of them.  I was excited to paint them up, and add them to the monstrous train!

The whole train nearly stretches across the entire table!  WOW!


big-gazza said...

Very nice. Great addition to the train.

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

excellent work

Souldier said...

I really like the weathering and scratches you put on them!

The Kiwi said...

Looks very cool.

Anatoli said...

Really need something similar for Early War, with room for 2 tankettes and 1 FT-17 :-D

If he ever makes some that look the part I would buy 2 for my own train.

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