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Monday, April 16, 2012

News From the Front Episode 35

"Of Donuts and Men."

The dudes talk about their experiences in V3 compared to their predictions, and discuss some of their favorite rules and missions.  The fellows talk about new Battlefront releases including the Achtung! plastics. The dudes round out the episode with a high level look at the missions in V3.

  • 0:00 ACT I: Intro, What We've Been Up To, Air rules in practice, Other V3 field reports
  • 0:36 ACT II: AT Guns, BF plastics in Achtung!, World of Tanks, Casting, Saga
  • 1:19 ACT III: N00B zone- declarative movement, Painting & Modeling Tips, Favorite V3 Missions

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I gotta admit- I was dead tired during this!  Thanks to the dudes for keepin it lively.


jester_prince said...

Great Episode guys! I swear half my understanding of the rules is down to you guys. Keep it up.

Tyler said...

Dang, I don't know morse code :(

Neal Smith said...

Write it down and then type it into a morse code translator... :)

cbaxter said...

happy monday

Tyler said...

How do you write it down? Just sounds like a pattern of beeps to me. A morse code lesson would be appreciate :D

Tyler said...

Also, if you are playing a defensive German infantry list in MW, Stuka Gs are incredible awesome at thinning out hordes of conscript T34s, especially as the terrain tends to be more open. You should be able to get at least three tanks underneath a template and with 3+ to hit and no ability to save there will probably be some burning tanks!

Neal Smith said...

Sorry... :)

A "long" sound is a dash "-" and a "short" sound is a dot ".".

Tyler said...

Ok, that makes sense. I will try to figure it out!! :D

Steven MacLauchlan said...

Neal- if you know it feel free to crack the message. We're... uh... "watching" who gets them. Though you may be exempt :P

Tyler said...

I think I'm going to have to give up. The background interference makes it almost impossible for me to make out the difference.

Neal Smith said...

I haven't listened yet, but I'll give it a shot!

Yeah, I've been going back and highlighting text on everything now... ;)

Scary Biscuits said...

Hey you cant blame SAGA on me. It was VAEric's post that kicked it off!

It is a most excellent game though :)

Anatoli said...

Excellent episode guys, and nice to hear BF is diving into plastics. More competition is always welcome. I think plastics in a starter set is a really good idea. Especially if you have newbie gamers and/or youngsters who are not used to handling resin miniatures. Plastics would be a lot more familiar for those people.

Uriah said...

Nice episode, but the overall volume seemed kinda low, particularly Luke's voice. I could barely hear him for most of the episode. I listened on both headphones and on my car's stereo and even with volume maxed out I had to really strain to hear him. You mentioned some mic problems early on, was that it?

Anyway, I'm glad to hear the Achtung! review. I'm personally kinda leery of plastics. Plastics in general do not have a satisfactory aesthetic feel to them most of the time, but I can understand the price point issue for their use and the competitive aspect to them for BF.

Great Episode!

Steven MacLauchlan said...

Thanks Uriah. I'll try to do more processing on Luke. He has the most projecting voice of any of us, which usually means his quiets are quiet and his louds are really loud. Thus, it's most difficult to get him mixed! I'll see what I can do next ep :)

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