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Monday, April 16, 2012

News From the Front Episode 35

"Of Donuts and Men."

The dudes talk about their experiences in V3 compared to their predictions, and discuss some of their favorite rules and missions.  The fellows talk about new Battlefront releases including the Achtung! plastics. The dudes round out the episode with a high level look at the missions in V3.

  • 0:00 ACT I: Intro, What We've Been Up To, Air rules in practice, Other V3 field reports
  • 0:36 ACT II: AT Guns, BF plastics in Achtung!, World of Tanks, Casting, Saga
  • 1:19 ACT III: N00B zone- declarative movement, Painting & Modeling Tips, Favorite V3 Missions

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I gotta admit- I was dead tired during this!  Thanks to the dudes for keepin it lively.

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