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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Downloads for you to enjoy!

We've got a slew of new downloads for your enjoyment.  First up, we've got a very useful "Wall Rules" printout available in 2 awesome styles.  Arran saw that we had printed something similar on the wall in our game room, and decided the community might enjoy having a copy they can use as well!  Updated for Version 3- download, print, and enjoy!  Great for game rooms, and game shops alike!

WALL RULES pdf   5 pages, print out and distribute freely!
Wall Rules Style 2 (German Printout)

Next up we have pdf versions of the very fun (and as far as we're concerned absolutely 100% official!) WWPD warrior teams.  These were done by Chuck Martinell- thanks Chuck!

Last but not least, we have 4 new Historically based scenarios which are always available on the Historical Scenarios page.  Thanks guys, keep em coming!

Queen's Cauldron.  French vs Germans.  Merdrop, France, 1940.  On the morning of 13 May, 1940, Panzer Schuzen with supporting armor from the 4th Panzer Division attack near the village of Merdrop and Queen Maria Theresa- a 17th Century Chateau.   Scenario by Ron Bingham of the Battle Barn.

Last Man Out.  British vs Germans.  BELGIUM, 1940.  German Panzers were on the move in May 1940 and have broken though the Belgian and French forces in the Ardennes.  Scenario by Ron Bingham of the Battle Barn.

Stoumont.  Germans vs USA.  BASTOGNE, 1944.  Kampfgruppe Peiper penetrated the American lines and pushed west.  After murdering 86 American PoWs they halted at Stavelot before fighting their way across Ambleve Bridge.  Scenario by Craig Baxter.

Pegasus Bridge.  British vs Germans.  NORMANDY, 1944.  Soon after midnight, 6 June, 1944, Glider borne infantry from D-Co, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckingshire Light Infantry Regiment attacks and captures a key bridge over the Orne Canal a few miles outside of Caen France.  Scenario by Ron Bingham of the Battle Barn.

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