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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Historical Scenarios keep rolling in!

5 More great Historical (and Historically Inspired) scenarios for you guys today:

  • Red House.  Soviets vs Germans.  STALINGRAD, 1942.  The German 6th Army pushes the Soviet 62nd Army to within eye-shot of the Volga!  Scenario by Craig Baxter.
  • Assault On Rogan.  Soviets vs Germans.  KHARKOV, 1943.  As part of the Third Battle of Kharkov, the SS Panzer Corps launched a number of attacks to try to cut off the roads from Kharkov to the cities of Rogan and Chuhuiv.  Scenario by Denis Kosta.
  • Lingevres.  British vs Germans.  NORMANDY, 1944.  The British 50th Tyne and Tees faces the famous Panzer Lehr Division as the British attempt to break through German lines.  Scenario by Craig Baxter.
  • Narew River Crossing.  Soviets vs Germans.  CHRABOLY POLAND, 1941.  German Forces attempt to force their way across the Bridge across Narew, held by a Soviet Blocking Force.  Scenario by Craig Baxter.
  • Rehearsal For Crete.  British Vs Germans.  ARGOS, GREECE, 1941.  The campaign in Greece is going well for the Germans, who will surprise the retreating Tommies by grabbing the Corinth Canal bridge ahead of the Panzertruppen. Scenario by Mike Bersiks.

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