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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

British M10 Achilles

Well, alright Kids -- back to the British! Before I knew how awesome they were, I picked up some cheap M10s at a convention -- I guess a year or so ago -- just to have them. They were early Battlefront Flames of War models and just needed some touch-up. I played them a couple of times and I loved them so much, I wanted to get some new models and really do them up right. So, I re-sold them at Cold Wars and picked these guys up.

I love that these have the .50cal. I chased some SS Infantry all over the board with these things in a tournament last year. I was finally able to get the deck star decals to work -- I have had quite a bit of trouble in the past, but these were easy.

I just love the Battlefront M10 Model! The unit is soooo cheap as well. I use the 50th Tyne and Tees list from Turning Tide. I can take the Confident Trained option so I get 4 AT 13 Assets for just 260 points!

The decals are from Battlefront and i94 Enterprises.
Image from


not2oldtowargame said...

Jon, these are REALLY great - thank you for sharing. Just one question. Are these for multi-army use? Its just that you sai they were for the Brit 50th Tyne and Tees but the models have a US decal on the back?

Otis Hatfield said...

That is an allied identification symbol on rear deck. During the d-day invasion all allied vehicles on the western front had that identification.

VAeric said...

Great looking vehicles...The M10 hull was made in the USA shipped to Britian. The Brits take the 3" gun out and put in the 17lb. So some US markings on the hull and turret would not be unusually. Brits would have to take the time to paint over them.

Jon love what you did with the Cafe.

Dirty Jon said...

@All - thanks guys!

@Eric - I keep taking pics with Arnhem in the background - wondering when someone would say something. =)

Private Snafu said...

Those are very nicely done. Arnhem looks great as well. What do you use for the antenna?

cbaxter said...

those turned out great, the arnham board is looking great too

Dirty Jon said...

@Snafu: I use bristles from a cleaning brush purchased at Sears.

jmezz382 said...

I know I say it a million times ... BUT ... got to love a sexy TD, great work buddy

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