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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

British M10 Achilles

Well, alright Kids -- back to the British! Before I knew how awesome they were, I picked up some cheap M10s at a convention -- I guess a year or so ago -- just to have them. They were early Battlefront Flames of War models and just needed some touch-up. I played them a couple of times and I loved them so much, I wanted to get some new models and really do them up right. So, I re-sold them at Cold Wars and picked these guys up.

I love that these have the .50cal. I chased some SS Infantry all over the board with these things in a tournament last year. I was finally able to get the deck star decals to work -- I have had quite a bit of trouble in the past, but these were easy.

I just love the Battlefront M10 Model! The unit is soooo cheap as well. I use the 50th Tyne and Tees list from Turning Tide. I can take the Confident Trained option so I get 4 AT 13 Assets for just 260 points!

The decals are from Battlefront and i94 Enterprises.
Image from

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