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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Battlefront's Cobblestone Roads, Rural Fields and Fences

Here we are with another review of a product from Battlefront's Battlefield in a Box line. This entire lineup has had very good quality and great prices -- let's see if these new items measure up!

You get the roads pictured, the 2 dark fields and the set of fences.

This pic above shows all of the roads and the fields and fences you get in the two boxes. Everyone will be happy to know that the pieces are shipped in styrofoam and there was no damage at all.
The box includes two fields at a price point of $26 (USD).  This seems like a deal to me - 2 fields and a fence fully painted for this price -great. The fields and roads are made of a tough semi-flexible material that is the same as the previous rivers and roads from this line.

The roads and fences are painted to a good standard. They could use a clear matte finish -- other than that, they are good to go.

Battlefront provides 2 small packages of flock if you want to flock the brown sides of the cobblestone roads. I left mine bare.

You get enough fencing to surround one field. The box front cover seems to show more fencing than you really get -- they do spell out exactly what is given on the back of the box.

This is what you get in the roads package (plus 2 small packages of flock). This is a good amount for $45 (USD). The small squares allow you to do a T and an X intersection.

In conclusion, I think these products are a great deal. These seem very durable in comparison to other sets for sale out there and coming pre-painted to a good standard is a huge boost to this line. I am going to buy a ton of the fields and fences if I can find them for sale: 11 of 12 Doughnuts!

UPDATE: This is the link to the Battlefront Roads

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