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Monday, April 9, 2012

Arnhem Fight!

As you all know, I am a bit sick of playing Germans, and I wanted to get back to the Brits. So, Ted and I decided to try out a fight on the Arnhem board to test out the terrain and also to continue our experience with V3 rules.

Ted brought 1500 points of Germans and I took 1000 points of Paratroopers. We made stuff up as we went along, and gave me everything on the board plus an Ambush. Ted took Recce and Grens in Reserve over the bridge, and started with his halftracks and Tigers on the board. His Nebs were also in Reserve, but we decided they could be off-board. Pretty loose with the scenario and all, but that fit our objectives for this test match on the board. Sorry if that's tough to follow, but the action should largely speak for itself!

Ted's Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers
  • HQ + Panzerfausts
  • Full Gepanzerte
  • Full Grens
  • 2x Tiger 1 E
  • 3x Recon Cars (222/223)
Jon's British Paratroopers
  • HQ + Frost + 3 PIATs
  • Full Para Platoon
  • Full Para Platoon
  • 6 Pounders
  • 75mm Pack Howitzers + Corps Artillery
  • HMGs

Ted's Panzergrenadiers prepare to move out!

Ted's Tigers start on the board and got ROF 3!

Here is the overview from the German perspective. The red roofed building near the bridge and the larger building in the top right are the objectives.

The brave Red Devils are dug in outside an objective building, staring down 2 Tigers.

Paras defend the Batallion HQ in the stone building.

The Germans move up on Turn 1.

Recce arrives and dashes across the bridge! I forgot to add in the minefield that should be there -- I guess that is what the test is for!

The Red Devils get bombarded by off-board Nebs -- Keep Calm, Carry On!

Ambush revealed! Shoot them halftracks, boys!

Only 2 Bailed on 6 shots! This is gonna hurt!

The German assault is underway! Only 4 hits in defensive fire.

The Germans occupy one of the buildings after the Paratroopers break off.

Panzergrenadiers move halftracks up to pound the Tommies.

The Paras rush out to assault....that didn't work out too well.

Frost and the boys rush out to challenge the objective!

The end is near for the brave Paratroopers.

The Paratroopers call in smoke for a last-ditch effort!

This is what's left after 6 halftracks and 2 Tigers shoot up a Paratrooper platoon.

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