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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adepticon Part II: Other Stuff + Armies on Parade

Here's my follow up- random pictures of cool stuff I saw.

Luke's bocage mines in miniature.
Awesome Kursk game!

Freeblades demo by DGS Games.  

I played the "elves" while Marcus played the Grular.  Some interesting mechanics in play.

I liked it enough to grab 2 starter sets- will give it a try in the coming weeks.

I had furiously fuzzy friends of the forest.

My Enforcer laid a beat down.

Marcus and I meet a Sister o' Battle

Armies from the LW 1265pt tournament on Sunday

VERY fun game called Leviathens.  I will be buying a box when it comes out.

Bonus: the ships are pre-paints!

Seriously best pizza

This is *my* task force, but only saw a little bit of table time!

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