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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Announcing Operation Sea Lion- A Global Campaign!

Announcing Operation Sea Lion!  We've been working hard on getting this off the ground!  So go to and sign up now!  The campaign officially starts on May 12th so make sure to sign up for our forums and keep an eye on updates!

The Campaign officially goes live May 12th!  A few folks have volunteered to be the first wave in, and their battles are being waged right now to secure a beach head.  So get your men ready- the fight is on!

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Battlefront/GF9 Summer Woods Review

I was able to get my hands on one box each of the new Battlefront / Gale Force 9 Summer Woods Small and Large.  By now you all know I'm a big fan of their Battlefield in a box line, and these are no exception!  Let's take a look.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

N00b Zone: Painting and Modeling Tips

As many of you know, I am a big fan of the painting and modeling aspect of Flames of War. I sometimes pick units based on how cool they are to assemble an paint! I know that some of you are guilty of this as well. Anyway, 15mm was new to me and I found out some things the very hard way -- here are some tips to help new folks along.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: Plastic Soldier Company M4A4 Sherman and Firefly Box

- by Dirty Jon
WWPD got in a box of Plastic Soldier Company(PSC) Allied M4A4 and Firefly Sherman Tank (WW2V15011) to review. I did a review on the PSC German Halftracks, and the Panthers, so I could not wait to get my hands on these guys for my Late War British Flames of War army!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

US Tank Destroyers vs German Panzers

I was eager to give the TD company a shot, and Eric was looking to run his Nationals list through the ringer, so we decided to throw down! We rolled for the mission and randomly rolled up "Counter Attack". I was worried that the mobile reserves were going to hurt, but I know I picked my quadrants perfectly. Eric would have a difficult time getting to the objectives, and would have to guard his flanks well!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

British M10 Achilles

Well, alright Kids -- back to the British! Before I knew how awesome they were, I picked up some cheap M10s at a convention -- I guess a year or so ago -- just to have them. They were early Battlefront Flames of War models and just needed some touch-up. I played them a couple of times and I loved them so much, I wanted to get some new models and really do them up right. So, I re-sold them at Cold Wars and picked these guys up.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adepticon Part II: Other Stuff + Armies on Parade

Here's my follow up- random pictures of cool stuff I saw.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Adepticon Part I: The Action Shots!

I won't post much text here- I'll wait for Battlefront to release the full tournament results.  I will say that Bill Wilcox took first with his Task Force A.  It was a meaaaan list.  Allen Smith took "Best American" ALSO with the Task Force.  Very interesting.

Anyway, here's a photo dump of a bunch of interesting action shots from the Nationals.  Look for your own army and comment below!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

WoT Map Analysis: Lakeville

Each map in World of Tanks has some optimal places for tanks to go. No strategy is perfect and often times player skill rules, but a good strategy followed by a platoon can often times swing things in your favor. This series will hopefully lay out some ground work and give ideas on how best to tackle a map by analyzing the standard game play for each map.
An isolated mountain valley on one flank, and city blocks on the other allow you to thrust close enough to the enemy. A large lake in the middle gives long-range weapons a clear field of fire.

Lakeville has several different terrain features that make choosing a path with which to attack and defend from a difficult process. This guide will focus more on the lanes and how different they are rather than the tanks that will typically traffic the areas. One of the more complex maps in terms of terrain effects leads itself to be favored as a map requiring sound strategy. Too few members in any one section can easily lead to a loss, but certain areas can successfully be held by bottlenecking the area long enough by a couple of key tanks to allow a disproportionate sized force pull off a successful attack.

The first area to cover is the town that the map is named after, Lakeville. The town proper is fairly dense with buildings and rubble blocking lines of sight to prevent one from taking shots from one end of a street to another as in other city maps. With several ways to flank the other force, from the center of town around the church, to the lake side street, and even the 0 column road, any tank can successfully navigate behind an enemy force if they are focused on other targets without being seen until it is too late.

The center of the map is the equivilent to a two lane county highway in the backwoods of South Cackalacky, twists and turns everywhere provide cover from enemy tanks coming down the center, but there is very little room to maneuver at all. The center and the town both have decent view lines at each other, with the center being significantly exposed to tanks peeking between rooftops, save for the occasional rock outcropping. Most tanks avoid this road except for a handful on occasion, and so this road can become fairly vital if ignored as it allows quick access into the center of the capture zones. One tank in this area can make the difference between a win or loss, there is no way around this statement as this area is far too valuable to be completely ignored.

The valley is a very difficult approach, but a necessary one. There is a choke-point at the crest of the hill in the center where any team crossing becomes exposed with little hope of concealment. This of course being in addition to all tanks suffering a movement penalty as the valley is considered to be soft ground. Most SPGs watch this area as it is the easiest to hit targets in, and it will typically see TDs using concealed elevated positions to cover the crest of the hill mentioned earlier. Without a sufficient push in this area, tanks can slowly be picked off one by one, or worse, without any tanks in this area it can easily allow for a large force to advance through unchallenged.

Lakeville is a tricky map to distribute tanks for as a lot of it requires luck of having the right forces in right area at the right time; or having skilled players be able to hold their ground at the key choke-points while the rest of the force is able to capture the base. With sight line penalties in one area, movement penalties in another, one must choose the area they feel they can best help their team based on how they know they can perform in different terrain.

Effectively plan around this analysis, use the route to your advantage to best take on what tanks to expect in each area, and always support where areas are lightly defended but be ready to reenforce as needed. With a good platoon at your side, and now knowing this map better, lake side property has never been so valuable until now.
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WoT Map Analysis: Lakeville

Each map in World of Tanks has some optimal places for tanks to go. No strategy is perfect and often times player skill rules, but a good strategy followed by a platoon can often times swing things in your favor. This series will hopefully lay out some ground work and give ideas on how best to tackle a map by analyzing the standard game play for each map.
An isolated mountain valley on one flank, and city blocks on the other allow you to thrust close enough to the enemy. A large lake in the middle gives long-range weapons a clear field of fire.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Historical Scenarios keep rolling in!

5 More great Historical (and Historically Inspired) scenarios for you guys today:

  • Red House.  Soviets vs Germans.  STALINGRAD, 1942.  The German 6th Army pushes the Soviet 62nd Army to within eye-shot of the Volga!  Scenario by Craig Baxter.
  • Assault On Rogan.  Soviets vs Germans.  KHARKOV, 1943.  As part of the Third Battle of Kharkov, the SS Panzer Corps launched a number of attacks to try to cut off the roads from Kharkov to the cities of Rogan and Chuhuiv.  Scenario by Denis Kosta.
  • Lingevres.  British vs Germans.  NORMANDY, 1944.  The British 50th Tyne and Tees faces the famous Panzer Lehr Division as the British attempt to break through German lines.  Scenario by Craig Baxter.
  • Narew River Crossing.  Soviets vs Germans.  CHRABOLY POLAND, 1941.  German Forces attempt to force their way across the Bridge across Narew, held by a Soviet Blocking Force.  Scenario by Craig Baxter.
  • Rehearsal For Crete.  British Vs Germans.  ARGOS, GREECE, 1941.  The campaign in Greece is going well for the Germans, who will surprise the retreating Tommies by grabbing the Corinth Canal bridge ahead of the Panzertruppen. Scenario by Mike Bersiks.
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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Battle of Budapest

This past weekend 20 brave wargamers journeyed to Games and Stuff in Maryland to participate in the third annual Flames of War Historical Megabattle as hosted by Jeff Kautz. This years theme was Budapest (last year being El Guettar, and Stalingrad before that) - focusing on the German defense and attempted breakout. The battle revolved around holding objectives for as long as you could, accruing points based on how long each side held onto them uncontested, in addition to managing to escape via designated areas with German platoons. The russians had to assault into a ruined city, trench lines, and hills covered by 88's and Panthers, while the Germans had to deal with special scenario rules for fuel and ammo shortage!

After the dust had cleared the Russians were the eventual winner by the very close margin of just one objective. Had the Germans held onto even a single objective for one turn longer, or even managed to get an additional platoon off of the board they would have eked out a victory. Everyone involved had a great time, and the game itself was very balanced and closely fought by all accounts.

Many thanks go out to Jeff for again hosting an amazing Megabattle and taking the time to coordinate, set up, and plan for such an event. Additional thanks go out to Joe Krone who helped with planning and supplied some really amazing terrain to go with the event!

Tons of pictures after the jump!
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

French Escadron de Combat vs Mittlere Panzers!

Tom and I were eager to try out our old rivalry matchup in the form of the Mittlere Panzers and the Escadron De Combat under the new V3 rules. We rolled randomly for both scenario and for who would run what! I ended up running the French, and Tom the Germans. The mission is Hold the Line, and the French are attacking.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review: Battlefront's Street Barricades (XBX01)

Here we are with another review of a product from Battlefront's Defences line. This box set has been out for a while, but we just got around to taking a look. With the new rules for Street Barricades (p228 of the V3 Rulebook), I figured it was about time to paint these guys up!
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

After Hours Episode 18: Easy 18!

After Hours 18- After recording episode 35, wake up a bit and talk about all kinds of stuff! Luke eats a box of Easy 8s, normal TV and movie chat occurs, and of course- tons more FoW chat!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

News From the Front Episode 35

"Of Donuts and Men."

The dudes talk about their experiences in V3 compared to their predictions, and discuss some of their favorite rules and missions.  The fellows talk about new Battlefront releases including the Achtung! plastics. The dudes round out the episode with a high level look at the missions in V3.

  • 0:00 ACT I: Intro, What We've Been Up To, Air rules in practice, Other V3 field reports
  • 0:36 ACT II: AT Guns, BF plastics in Achtung!, World of Tanks, Casting, Saga
  • 1:19 ACT III: N00B zone- declarative movement, Painting & Modeling Tips, Favorite V3 Missions

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I gotta admit- I was dead tired during this!  Thanks to the dudes for keepin it lively.
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sd.Kfz 231 (8 Rads)

So, I had to take a break from modeling scenery for Arnhem and get some miniatures painted! I started thinking about the Recce force I will have come across the bridge, and went to the Flames of War site to pick out some cool models. In A Bridge to Far, I saw the option to get some cheap Recce in 8-rads, so I snapped some up at Cold Wars.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

More test pieces from Luke's Terrain Mines

Luke's been working on some new stuff and experimenting with different ideas.  He asked me to share them with you.

The bocage now features a cast base, rather than built up wood + rocks, making it a bit lighter and a bit easier to make a slew of.  The mines of Melia are rolling!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

List Dissection: US Tank Destroyer Company

Seek.  Strike.  Destroy.

In this installment of our list dissections, I'm going to pick apart the new Tank Destroyer company from Blood, Guts, and Glory as we build up a 1625 point list.  So the first big decision is of course: M10s or M18s?  The main difference is of course that the M18s move faster (they're light tanks so move 16" in cross country and road terrain) while the M10s have armor 4/2/0 (compared to 2/0/0 on the Hellcat).
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blood Guts & Glory Battle Report!

Sean was eager to try some Reluctant Trained German tanks, and I couldn't wait to try out some of the newer US stuff! We rolled for the mission and came up with Pincer. I knew I'd have a hard time being forced to leave half of my stuff off the board until at least turn 3, but was hopeful that my reserves could arrive and wreak havoc with stabilized 76mm shots!

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More Downloads for you to enjoy!

We've got a slew of new downloads for your enjoyment.  First up, we've got a very useful "Wall Rules" printout available in 2 awesome styles.  Arran saw that we had printed something similar on the wall in our game room, and decided the community might enjoy having a copy they can use as well!  Updated for Version 3- download, print, and enjoy!  Great for game rooms, and game shops alike!

WALL RULES pdf   5 pages, print out and distribute freely!
Wall Rules Style 2 (German Printout)

Next up we have pdf versions of the very fun (and as far as we're concerned absolutely 100% official!) WWPD warrior teams.  These were done by Chuck Martinell- thanks Chuck!

Last but not least, we have 4 new Historically based scenarios which are always available on the Historical Scenarios page.  Thanks guys, keep em coming!

Queen's Cauldron.  French vs Germans.  Merdrop, France, 1940.  On the morning of 13 May, 1940, Panzer Schuzen with supporting armor from the 4th Panzer Division attack near the village of Merdrop and Queen Maria Theresa- a 17th Century Chateau.   Scenario by Ron Bingham of the Battle Barn.

Last Man Out.  British vs Germans.  BELGIUM, 1940.  German Panzers were on the move in May 1940 and have broken though the Belgian and French forces in the Ardennes.  Scenario by Ron Bingham of the Battle Barn.

Stoumont.  Germans vs USA.  BASTOGNE, 1944.  Kampfgruppe Peiper penetrated the American lines and pushed west.  After murdering 86 American PoWs they halted at Stavelot before fighting their way across Ambleve Bridge.  Scenario by Craig Baxter.

Pegasus Bridge.  British vs Germans.  NORMANDY, 1944.  Soon after midnight, 6 June, 1944, Glider borne infantry from D-Co, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckingshire Light Infantry Regiment attacks and captures a key bridge over the Orne Canal a few miles outside of Caen France.  Scenario by Ron Bingham of the Battle Barn.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Panzer 38(t) flatbed car

This little beauty was cast and assembled by John Sulek of the I-95 crew.  He e-mailed me about it prior to Cold Wars and made sure I got 2 of them.  I was excited to paint them up, and add them to the monstrous train!

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Arnhem Fight!

As you all know, I am a bit sick of playing Germans, and I wanted to get back to the Brits. So, Ted and I decided to try out a fight on the Arnhem board to test out the terrain and also to continue our experience with V3 rules.

Ted brought 1500 points of Germans and I took 1000 points of Paratroopers. We made stuff up as we went along, and gave me everything on the board plus an Ambush. Ted took Recce and Grens in Reserve over the bridge, and started with his halftracks and Tigers on the board. His Nebs were also in Reserve, but we decided they could be off-board. Pretty loose with the scenario and all, but that fit our objectives for this test match on the board. Sorry if that's tough to follow, but the action should largely speak for itself!

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Deployment Love

The Chinese get ready for a Fortified Mission (1937).

"An error in the first stages of deployment can never be made good."

--- von Moltke (one of them, anyway)

The Deployment phase determines where your units will be and which enemy units they will oppose at the start of the game.  The decisions you make in Deployment are perhaps more important than those in any other part of the game, even list selection.  In Deployment, you can win FoW --- or lose it -- before ever rolling a die.

Here is some advice about how to Deploy, in what order, and where.

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Panzerspah Patrol

Inspired by a post Jon made a while back, I couldn't wait to get my own late war Panzerspah painted and in action!  It's nice to have these guys as a cheap support option, but with Version 3 making recon AND wheeled vehicles altogether better, I put them to the front of the painting queue!

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Friday, April 6, 2012

M18 "Hellcat" Tank Destroyers

I am finally taking a break from soviets and revisiting some of my other forces for a while.  First up was the first of 2 M18 Tank Destroyer units that will enable me to run both Task Force A from Turning Tide and the new Tank Destroyer Company from Blood Guts & Glory.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blood Guts & Glory Reviewed!

At long last, the first proper Western Front Flames of War Version 3 source book is here!  Additionally, Battlefront finally dives in to the Bulge, moving their Late War timeline further forward.  Blood Guts and Glory primarily focuses on Patton's 3rd Army's marauding across the French country side after the Breakout, and the German Feldharnhalle forces thrown together to slow their advance.

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New Downloads Page: Historical Scenarios!

We've added a new page for Historical Scenarios, and to kick things off, Mike Bersiks has supplied the community with 4 awesome scenarios that he adapted from ASL!  If you have some of your own, please email me (Steven at wwpd dot net) and I'll get them categorized and posted!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Soviet HQ PTRD Anti Tank Rifles

This is just a quick update.  I got these in a trade from Fellow WWPDer and N00b Extraordinaire Joe Mezz.  He had done the majority of the work on them, so all I had to do were a few details and base em up!

The PTRD was a single-shot weapon which fired a 14.5x114mm round. Although unable to penetrate the frontal armor of German tanks, it could penetrate the thinner sides of early-war German tanks as well as thinly armored self-propelled guns. The 14.5 mm armor-piercing bullet had a muzzle velocity of 1012 m/s. 

It could penetrate an armor plate up to 35 to 40mm (40mm with tungsten ammunition) thick at a distance of 100 meters at 0 degrees. During the initial invasion, and indeed throughout the war, most German tanks had side armor thinner than 40mm (PzKpfw I & II: 13-20mm, III & IV series: 30mm, PzKpfw V Panther (combat debut mid-1943): 40-50mm), which meant that the PTRD teams need to be close to very close–sometimes point blank distances–to have a chance of penetrating the sides of these tanks. 

However due to the high velocity and small size of the round, it had a very high chance of shattering or utterly failing against armor it should have penetrated, which was aggravated if the target was not at a perpendicular angle.

The Strelkovy HQ

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Battlefront's Cobblestone Roads, Rural Fields and Fences

Here we are with another review of a product from Battlefront's Battlefield in a Box line. This entire lineup has had very good quality and great prices -- let's see if these new items measure up!

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Flames of War Statistics 101 (pt 3)

Hello again everyone, and welcome back to the final article in my FoW Statistics series: Tactical Application.

Over the past two articles (part 2) (part 1), we've looked at two very important concepts. Expected Value is a calculated value of what we 'expect' to occur given a specific scenario and set of conditions. It allows us to answer questions like, "how many Panthers can I expect to kill with Semi-Indirect fire from 2 Fireflies?" or "which is a better way to engage a platoon of StuG G's with my Sherman 76mm platoon?" Potential Value is another calculated value that represents the most extreme scenario in one way or the other. It allows us to answer questions like, "how many Shermans will I lose of all of those Panzer III shots hit?" or "if I don't kill this platoon now, how many tanks could I lose in return fire?".

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

WWPD Heads in a New Direction

Alright everyone, mark your calendars.  On this day, the 1st of April, 2012, we are officially changing direction!  We've been faithful to Flames of War for a long time now, but we feel we're ready to grow beyond that.  Effective today, we decided we'd be fools to keep going on the way we are, so we are officially switching to Warhammer!  We know you all are as excited about that as we are, so here's some teasers of posts you have to look forward to in the future!

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