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Monday, March 26, 2012

WWPD News From the Front Episode 34

"Double Dipthongs."

The dudes have a new intro and a new outlook!  They're joined by Jasper Oorthuys from Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Magazine, talk some Bood Guts & Glory, and other Various Version 3 goodness!

  • 0:00 ACT I: Intro, What We've Been Up To, Blood Guts & Glory Preview Discussion
  • 0:40 ACT II: Interview w/ Jasper Oorthuys from Wargames Soldiers & Strategy
  • 1:08 ACT III: NooB Zone (warrior teams), Terrain in V3, Modeling Hills, Painting Flesh
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It was nice to be back in the studio and settling back into our usual routine after Version 3.  I promise we'll talk "crunch" from Blood Guts & Glory soon!


not2oldtowargame said...

Another podcast - Gents you just made my day!

Luke said...

Wait until After Hours...

cbaxter said...

i had a thought about the warrior tea half track. wouldn't the halftrack be part of a leaderless wince the 2iC or HQ is dead?

Anatoli said...

Really enjoyable episode guys, and Steve I've been meaning to write this for some time but always forget - the commercial breaks with your wife are really funny and always make me laugh.
Both "Are all thing I'm tired of hearing about" and "Let's face it, you're a geek" have such a wonderful delivery LOL!

Gareth said...

I love the new intro.

Luke said...

The new intro was an incredibly well thought out plan executed by all three of us. In other words, we came up with it five minutes before the show and I was frantically trying to keep notes as we talked.

Dirty Jon said...

5 minutes? 30 seconds!

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