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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wargaming Shirts!

"hetzers gonna hetz" has sold more than any other!
As most of you who listen to our Podcast know, I've worked closely with our good friend Arran from Mad Idol to roll out an ever expanding line of Wargaming T-Shirts called, appropriately enough, Wargaming Shirts.

The shirts are high quality, and made to order- thus you can pick a design you like, get it on any color shirt, and whatever size you need!  I was skeptical of the print quality, but have so far been nothing but impressed.

Currently the line focuses mostly on WWII/Flames of War specific subjects, but will be expanding them as we go.  We are always looking for suggestions for new designs!

Thanks to everyone who has bought a shirt so far- everyone seems to be happy with their purchases!  So go show the world how much of a nerd you are and pick one out!

If you buy a shirt and take a picture, we'll put it up on the web and you can live in infamy!  Although I don't think any of us can compete with the Snorg Tees ladies...

And here's a bunch of designs I am rather fond of.  We have plenty more to choose from in a bunch of different categories!

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