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Friday, March 16, 2012

Stevograd Grain Elevator

A few weeks ago, I posted on our Buy Sell and Trade section in our forum, looking to offload a bunch of Italian M14s and British I-tanks by Gaming Models.  The inimitable Craig Baxter offered to custom build me a Grain Elevator for Stevograd, and I leapt at the offer!

As most of you know, I hate making terrain, so every little bit helps move Stevograd forward!

The scale of this thing is quite impressive.  Thanks Craig!

Stevograd is coming along, but as you can see I have a very long way to go!


SonBae said...

Awesome job!! Love the Dear Leader /Uncle Steve posters.

What did Craig use to make it with?

jmezz382 said...

Great work Craig ... fabulous

Lee Hadley said...

Awesome! That just screams "sniper position" to me!

Tyler said...

I feel an epic city battle coming!

xenite said...

I love this! Consider this idea stolen.

zsavk said...

Just noticed the wwpd poster as well lol

cbaxter said...

i had made one for myself for a stalingrad campaign we played using BKC II, but mine doesn't have removable roofs and levels. i thought i would give steve a better elevator because i got like 32 tanks out of the trade. it is actually quite easy to make.

i used foam core for the main tower and top of the silos, thick card stock for framing for the pitched roof and dowels from the closet (don't tell my wife or land lord). for the silos. I cut and glued it to size and used Popsicle sticks to lock the levels together and for flooring. in the silo i used white glue and ballast on the floor with lots of little bits from my left overs box. i then used Spackle to fill int e gaps, once dry i poked in the bullet holes. then painted with a combo of spray paint and acrylics then dipped parts as well.

then i printed off posters and pics and scattered them around and hand painted the lettering.

inside secret-if you look close on the table in the silo next to the radio is a pic of Luke and Steve broadcasting from Hcon 2011.

Stan said...

Great job. Starting one myself. What were your dimensions? I am thinking of using 2" PVC pipe for my silos (about 12" tall). I like your dowel idea.


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