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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Objective Markers

Luke purchased a ton of really crappy, home-cast T-34s and Shermans at an HMGS convention last year. He got thirty tanks for $5! They are HORRIBLE, but I figured we could make something of them. I made one Flames of War objective marker to give away last year (one of you suckers guys picked it up at Historicon!), so I figured I would make 4 more to see how they sell at Cold Wars. I made two T-34s and two Shermans. I didn't mark the Shermans, figuring they could be USSR, USA or UK. Two in cityscapes and two stuck in mud.
I used quite a bit of Concrete Dust from the Battlefront Pigments line. Looks like snow in the picture, but not in person -- weird.

I used the mud and dust pigments on these guys -- not too bad.

I used my Linka leftovers for the bricks and such.

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