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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New World of Tanks Clan Logo!

As a clan, WWPD 1st Panzer Div. has never implemented a clan logo mainly because of lack of need. It was mentioned in several patches that logos would be placed on tanks but this was never actually an option... until now!

A stealth patch occurred (server side that is) on March 27th that finally enabled the long awaited logos to be featured on the tanks. Originally, clan member Stealth_Eagle had a few rough designs, but with the logo never appearing on tanks, progress on his end was halted. Thanks to quick spotting of clan members that the logos were finally enabled, Darqueling (myself) and VonChoker (assistant leader) took it upon themselves to quickly create a sharp image that represented both WWPD in style and meaning. The result is the image above, the US 2nd Armor emblem modified and recolored by Darqueling with ideas from VonChoker. The colors are those of the WWPD logo with tweaks in the lightning bolt and lettering for visibility reasons.

We now proudly display the logo on our tanks in all battles and are quickly prepping for our first venture into Clan Wars!

In the garage, the logo is displayed next to the player's name along the top as well as on the front of all tanks so everyone knows what clan you are a part of! It looks beautiful on the front of my E-75.

Some enemies tried to scratch the newly painted logo off the front of my T-34 (American) but quickly became 4 more "kill rings" on my gun's barrel.

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