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Friday, March 23, 2012

British Paratroopers vs German Panzergrenadiers

Jon and I were anxious to get back to the Western Front and run some lists we were excited about. Jon wanted to get back into Brit paras, and I was excited to try the Generic Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier force out of Forces.

We rolled for the mission and came up with Breakthrough.

We played for a very long time, and thus I sort of lost track of some pictures.  Consequently, this is going to be another summary-heavy battle without a turn by turn breakdown.  Sorry if that's tough to follow, but the action should largely speak for itself!

Steven's Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers
  • HQ + Panzerschreck
  • Full Gepanzerte
  • Full Gepanzerte
  • 10/5 Armored AA
  • 4x Panzer IV H
  • 3x Pumas
  • 3x Stug III G
  • Limited HS129Bs
Jon's British Paratroopers
  • HQ + Frost + 3 PIATs
  • Full Para Platoon
  • Full Para Platoon
  • Glider Pilots
  • Assault Platoon (3 stands w/ flame thrower)
  • 6 Pounders
  • 75mm Pack Howitzers + Corps Artillery
  • Mortars
  • HMGs

I put my Stugs and AAA in reserve. Panzergrenadiers and Panzers crowd the congested terrain.

Very Congested deployment zone.

6 Pounders and Paras cover the right flank.

The view from the right.

Glider Pilots cover the approach to the artillery park on the Left.

The Artillery park deploys on the German left, watching the objective zone.

The objectives.

Brit Paras stack up, ready to race across the road and get to the objectives.

Pumas scout ahead

The rest of the force races forward.

They haven't spotted the British yet.

The Glider Pilots rush out to nail the Pumas!

6 Pounders and Paras pull off from the right flank and head towards the objective.

Go Go Go!

Mortars and 75s rain smoke on the Germans.

Glider Pilots Assault (smoke removed for ease of play, but the smoke enabled the Glider Pilots to get into assault easy)

Predictably, Gammon bombs hurt.

The lone commander escapes, cursing me for being so careless!

Top of 2.

HS129s swoop in on the guns.

Panzers move forward, licking their lips at the prospect of getting into the artillery park.

Halftracks line up to provide a base of fire as one unit prepares to hit the Glider Pilots.

HS129s strike and disappear!

In order to the clear the way for the main assault, a hit must be scored on the Assault platoon from the right.

But the troops are demoralized from the loss of one of their halftracks...

And totally whiff. Even a single hit would've pinned the Assault Troop cutting the defensive fire (from them AND the CO) drastically.

The Germans remount their halftracks and decide not to assault.

The MG parking lot.

Tanks clear the way into the British artillery park.

British consolidate their hold on the objectives, but shut down the advance of the armored forces solidly.

Panzergrens push out, trying to force their way past the British

Panzers push into the artillery Park.

Planes continue to harass

Panzer IVs assault the 75s- one blows up in defensive fire and one bogs on a shell crater!

Planes are fairly successful at whittling down the 6 pounders and paras.

The 75s pull bacl as the tanks consolidate.

Panzergrenadiers launch a succesful assault!

The counter attack hurts, but the panzergrenadiers do emerge successful after wiping out the Glider Pilots.

Horrendous casualties. The Panzergrenadiers hop back in their tracks.

The collapsing British right.

After seeing off the 75s, the Panzer IVs hunt down the mortars.

1 Fearless mortar fights back the tanks.

The Germans maraud on the finally opened flank.

Finally on Turn 5, the first reserves arrive!

and are quickly followed by the 10/5s.

A battered Panzergrenadier unit gets greedy and attempts to go after the Assault Platoon.

After playing for many long hours, Jon knows he COULD sit and feed 1 team to the objective every turn, but decides there's no glory in that.

The Panzergrenadiers lose their halftracks and are caught in the open!

As tanks and panzergrenadiers race towards the objectives after clearing the artillery park. Jon is down Glider Pilots, 75s, and Mortars. Steven is down Pumas.

The pending assault!

One rifle team fires his smoke mortars, giving the paras a chance!

As the Panzergrenadier unit on the right flank is eliminated (after... being... double pinned?)

The bloody board

The defensive fire is horrendous, leaving the paras caught in the open.

The German retaliation is predictably brutal.

At this point we decide to call the game.

This was a bloody one! It's tough to call this a German victory- but neither was it a British win. Jon decided to perform the "F it mode" move, but we had only gotten to the top of turn 7 in the four hours we played!

Clearly some big mistakes on my part early on, but persistence paid off. Paras are tough cookies!

In the end I lost my Panzergrens and Pumas, and Jon lost Paras, Glider Pilots, Mortars, and 75s. He was down to 1 gun as well, but had he not run out Frost would've kept these guys around all day long.

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