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Monday, March 5, 2012

Battlefront's Rural Farm Buildings

Anyone who's so much as glanced at this blog knows that I truly believe Battlefront's Battlefield in a Box line is one of the best deals in Miniature Wargaming available.  I don't consider that hyperbole- when you consider the price point, the quality, and the fact that it's prepainted there is almost nothing to dislike about this entire product line!

One of the buildings did have some minor chipping on the thin roof

The newest addition to the set- Rural Farm Buildings is really no exception.  The buildings represent generic, Eastern European rural dwellings and come pre-painted to a very acceptable standard.

The box includes two buildings at a price point of $26 (USD).  As an added bonus they were tightly packed in cardboard rather than the annoying and messy white styrofoam- a welcome change!  That means each fully painted building costs as much as a single unpainted tank blister.  That is an awesome deal in my mind!

Even the internal floors have been prepainted.

Other internal details are present for those who wish to spend the extra time to paint them.

Each building is perfectly sized to fit two medium bases (with just enough wiggle room to make them fit easily).

The line fits in perfectly with the very excellent previous Russian village set.

In conclusion, I've largely run out of nice things to say about the Battlefield in a Box line!  The releases are consistently great and I always look forward to them.  Aside from the very minor chipping and the slight lack of variety between the two buildings, I can easily justify giving these guys 7/8 Babushkas.


Lee Hadley said...

These definitely get a thumbs up, and like you say what's not to like about them.

Scott said...

I'm surprised at how little damage yours took in shipping. Our LGS has gotten 3 shipments of them in, and every single one has been smashed or majorly chipped in the process. The lack of packing material in the box (it's just a piece of cardboard...) really hurts. But shipping issues aside, the product quality is great.

SinSynn said...

I like the Battlefront stuffs, too, although it is a lil' pricey.

However, these buildings being tightly packed in cardboard, instead of the styrofoam was not an improvement.
The styrofoam allowed for easy re-packing, storage and transport. It did a great job of protecting the models and lasted forever.
The two my buddy ordered arrived with chipped corners on the roofs.
All of the old buildings came nestled in their styrafoam containers, which slipped neatly into their boxes, protecting their contents from harm. Very nice, and made transporting them a safe and easy matter. No chipping.
Now, we get cardboard. No protection for the contents.
You could literally drop one of the old buildings when it was packaged.
Try that now, I dare you.

Lovely buildings, no doubt. All of the Battlefront terrain is indeed very nice.
The new packaging is awful, and if you plan on transporting it, you'll have to come up with something, that's all.
Not the biggest deal in the world, and it's still definitely worth the purchase.
There's gonna be chipping, though, and lots of it. Be warned.
Sigh @ cutting corners....or chipping them, in this case.

indierockclimber said...

You know- I hadn't realized they were taking more damage than mine did. I always hated the foam stuff since it has a tendency to get everywhere. But if mine arrived in relatively good condition compared to others- then that's clearly not quite as good!

Thanks for pointing that out.

Scott said...

I just wish they did some western european buildings...

zsavk said...

Mine came chipped as well. But all the little bits were in the box and I just glued them back on. Cant tell.

I really wish they would re-release the old Eastern set though. I missed out on that and would love to see it again.

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