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Monday, March 19, 2012

Battlefront's DFS-230 Gliders

By Max.
Battlefront's new DFS-230 Assault Glider!!  Yea baby!!  For uber-Fallschirm nut jobs like me and Brian this is just a great treat.  My dreams of storming Hill 107 with Major Koch and his 15 glider mounted company of the elite Sturm regiment might come true yet!! 

The DFS-230 was first produced in 1940.  It was made of tubular steel, with canvas covering and wooden wings.  It had a crew of one (pilot) and could carry up to 10 troops or 1,200 kg of equipment.  It was employed as an assault glider.  It was usually towed behind a JU-52 or an HE-111.  Standard armament was one MG-15 or MG-34 light machinegun.
*- Information from Wikipedia and

 The Model:

The Battlefront DFS-230 gliders are a great little kit.  These guys are BFs first foray into the all plastic arena.  The kit is well detailed with nice crisp panel lines.  At first the scale seemed a bit off but after looking at some original pictures of the real thing you can tell the crew and troops inside were very cramped.  The box set comes with 4 gliders, 4 gunners and a decal sheet.  No instruction sheet was supplied but the kit is very easy to build just by using the box art.  Decals are very nice, typical of BF's quality.  The gunners are well cast as well.


As stated above, each of the 4 gliders comes in its own sprue.  There are only 5 parts (not including gunner) to the kit.  The main fuselage, wing, horizontal stabilizers (had to look that up!), and two support struts.  The kits were put together using regular model glue.  I recommend that this type of glue be used over CA glue.  Assembly was straight forward with no issues other than a few molding marks that needed a little love on the main fuselage.


This is where I ran into trouble.  Not because of anything to do with the kit but just my own skill.  Like the earlier M-3 Stuarts I painted I decided to mask off to get clean lines.  I don't know what happened but I essentially had to paint these guys twice.  The base color I used was Vallejo 823 (Luft. Camo Green).  The under color is Vallejo 989 (Sky Grey).  The camo green is Vallejo 896 (Extra Dark Green).  Windows were painted Vallejo 962 (Flat Blue).  The base coat was applied with an airbrush, masked off, and then the Vallejo 989 was sprayed.

Decals were applied and then the kits were given a 4:1:1 wash and set to dry.  The gliders were then dry brushed with two successive light coats of the base colors then given a coat of flat varnish.

I really like the kits and look forward to putting together 8 or 10 more for my FJ pioneers to assault Crete or Eben Emael!!

5 out of 5 Panzerfausts!!


Joey Carbone said...

These gliders are making me get out of my late war rout.

Scott said...

I have to say I dont like the look of them. I dont know whether they are scaled correctly or what, put they look way too thin, especially with the gunner sticking out the top.

indierockclimber said...

I think the Gliders themselves are just right- I thought they looked too thin until I googled pics of them. Those things were CRAMPED.

The MG gunner is a tiny bit big- but if they made him smaller he'd look weird and out of scale with the soldiers. I'd probably do as Max has and only do 1 gunner (for the platoon command).

But the Gliders themselves seem to be about right on proportions!

SonBae said...

What were the problems you had that made you paint them twice?

The Kiwi said...

Very cool. Looking forward to seeing them glide onto a games table in the future.

Max M. said...

@SonBae - it was MY issue not an issue with kit. I failed to prep the masking correctly and the paint bled. It was a mess!!!

Again just my issue not with kit.

Chris Pfeltz said...

Has anyone used the glider in a MW game? If so, who'd you pair them up with and how, what tactics did you employ

David Yeomans said...

Hi - used your paint suggestions - thanks :)
The wash of 4:1:1 - what are the 3 'components' of the wash please?


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