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Monday, February 27, 2012

WWPD News From the Front Episode 32

"Version 3: Now that we've been on a few dates..."

We're still all in on Version 3!  This is another crunchy episode as we discuss more rules clarifications, and our real world experiences with the latest revision of Flames of War!

  • 0:00 - ACT I: Intro/After Action Reports
  • 0:34 - ACT II: V3 rules followups and Discussion
  • 1:34 - ACT III: Cold Wars, German Train, WSS Magazine
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We're still madly in love with Version 3.  This has been a really exciting time!  We'll return to our regular format next episode.


Neal Smith said...


Now let's see how long it takes me to actually listen to it... :)

Alex Trenchard said...

Did you guys happen to accidentally re-upload Episode 30 by mistake? Because I've opened iTunes, and you guys are talking about this great interview coming up with Mike Haught...

indierockclimber said...

hmmm I just downloaded ep 32 and it seemed fine? I just pinged the feed- could've gotten out of whack. Try to re-download ep 32?

cbaxter said...


Anatoli said...

Great episode guys, was just wondering this morning when the next podcast would be posted :-D

Alex Trenchard said...

Re-downloaded, and it's working fine for me now.

Eric said...

Alex your not crazy samething happend to me. I got the Mike Haught episode instead of the real 32.

indierockclimber said...

Weird! Just now? Or did it auto download or something?

ASB said...

Great episode. It was perfect timing cause i couldnt stand the ARP platoon box looking at me anymore without being opened. Thought i should say that i as a typical wargamer who as many others by miniatures and never paint them, has painted more FoW models in a couple of weeks while listeing to the different episodes / after hours then 28mm models over the last couple of years.

Keep it up.

Tyler said...

Nice cast! One note: cavalry only get RoF 1 on the move so no RoF 3 for submachine guns.

zsavk said...

I had the same issue when downloading early this morning. Ep 32 title and show notes but Ep 30 content hehe.

big-gazza said...

Great. Got some painting to do today and this will help.

Kage said...

Love the comments about people not knowing the rules. Good to know these people are everywhere.

great pod cast guys.

Kage said...

I agree with the concealed and gone to ground ruling you came up with, for infantry at the start of a game.

Look at the one rule (can't remember name right this second) in free for all.

It says the first player is considered moved on their first turn. (not both players anymore).

If it doesn't list that rule in the mission then you are considered not moved in the first turn.

Going back to your players don't read the rules comments, I think even some people that do read the rules, don't read the whole picture...sorta speak.

you guys say it all the time, one sentence can change a rule completely. Maybe the lack of a sentence is also true?

There is a rule that tells you that you are considered moved your first turn. So why would it be unclear if you are moved or not in the first turn if that rule isn't in the mission you are playing?

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