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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WoT Map Analysis: Himmelsdorf

Each map in World of Tanks has some optimal places for tanks to go. No strategy is perfect and often times player skill rules, but a good strategy followed by a platoon can often times swing things in your favor. This series will hopefully lay out some ground work and give ideas on how best to tackle a map by analyzing the standard game play for each map.
Meaning "sky village" in German, this labyrinth of streets and squares are a large hindrance for artillery and tank destroyers, but ideal for speedy breakthrough and bypass by medium and light vehicles. With the castle dominating the area, access roads running by the hill and along the railway lines to help you out of the impasse.

The most notorious city fight board to date, Himmelsdorf represents the bane of all SPG players as the corners are tight, streets are narrow, and every path is fairly predictable. TDs have a major advantage on the major streets and Heavies make up the majority of fighting in the city itself. The railyard and hill are the playgrounds of the lights and mediums where flanking of poorly defended forces can make all the difference in the world.

The two major streets in Himmelsdorf have become known as 3rd Street (shown in Red) and 8th Street (shown in Blue), representing the two major arteries that cross the city. The majority of players will flow to either of these two areas, typically 8th Street seeing the most traffic, and will see primarily heavies and TDs taking advantage of the long sight lines in their attempt to push forward. Very little cover is offered in these streets and reliance on angling of the hull and squeezing as close to buildings to reduce the tank profile is a must. Quick flanking in the Central Park is an option if tanks push up enough but hit road blocks just before entering the opposing team's line of defense, but far to often the Central Park can become a death trap if one is not in and out quickly.

The Hill is often times the subject to medium and light tank battles. Heading up to, and conquering the hill not only grants the victor the ability to flank behind what tanks may reside on the 8th Street, but also can provide sniper positions down the avenues and allow SPGs to have an alternative position to fire from. Far too often, Heavies and TDs make the slow attempt to climb the Hill when they are better used elsewhere.

The last remaining area is the Railroad, the typical area where SPGs can find any initial success. Again, Mediums and Lights can find this area to be suited for their style as the more open space allows the to be mobile and making flanking maneuvers if successful in eliminating the SPGs and other Mediums and Lights in this yard. The difference between the Railroad and the Hill is that Heavies and TDs may venture into this area without nearly as many problems as they would face on the Hill, thus really becoming open to all tanks, but uncommon for some.

Effectively plan around this analysis, use the route to your advantage to best take on what tanks to expect in each area, and always support where areas are lightly defended but be ready to reenforce as needed. With a good platoon at your side, and now knowing this map better, each intersection will become jammed with the burning wreaks of your foes.

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