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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Ted and I are preparing to go to Cold Wars 2012 and play in the i95 Flames of War tournament. We are running out of Grey Wolf and I decided to run a list with 5 Tigers. Well, the problem is that I only had 3 painted up for Late that means getting more minis! Any excuse will do!

So, I of course followed my Tutorial to paint up a couple of Tigers. I did not realize until I got home that I actually picked one up with Zimmerit - oh well.

I think these look enough alike to be a platoon. Maybe the older model has just survived out here a long time on the Ostfront, eh?

The commander moves forward cautiously..... looking for ISU-122s!

These shine a bit in the picture, but do not in person.


Matt D said...

They look great. Everyone loves a tiger!

jmezz382 said...

Awesome dude .... they look great!

cbaxter said...

looking great

Souldier said...

Very nice. I wish we could see them without the shine. I will be getting my first tiger next week!

sean said...

Looking forward to running an 8 tiger company now that command teams can hold objectives.

Mitch said...

Its also the roadwheels. Older one is rubber rimmed and new ones are steel. Its not a huge deal tho

Dirty Jon said...

Thanks guys!

I forgot the LW Tiger got no rubber -- I'll fix it.

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