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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Poles vs Czech Panzers v.3 EW tournament AAR

Guest post by Anatoli from Anatoli's Game Room
My second game was against Patrik who arranged the entire tournament. He had a tiny tank army, which I knew would give me a hard time. The scenario was "Surrounded"  and the table we were playing on was extremely ill suited for the force I had. I had to put railway lines across my own deployment and

I faced 1 platoon of PzII's and two platoons of 38(t) tanks backed up by air support and a couple of 88's.

The enemy could deploy 8" in on both short edges, I had a 24" wide deployment area across the middle of the table. Against 3 tank platoons I could muster up 1 platoon of tanks and 1 platoon of AT guns. The train I knew would be killed instantly, the terrain in my deployment was either obscuring line of sight to either flank or leaving the train in the open - inviting it to be insta-killed by 88's.

The "battle" was a one sided massacre. Enemy 88's started out by destroying 3 of my tanks. On my first turn I was out of range with any tanks or AT guns - the train arrived from the only flank where it could immediately help me out - and only managed to destroy a single Panzer II. The train was completely destroyed with little effort by the enemy the following turn and after that it was 4 more turns of me rolling an average 3 dice per turn to shoot at the enemy and then sitting out another German turn where my forces were beaten to death without being able to do anything about it.

One of the most boring and one sided games of FoW I had ever played - not blaming Patrik which is a nice guy and at least didn't gloat about how fun it was to annihilate my forces.

He said he was surprised by how bad the train was and agreed in every other assertion I had already made by this point having used the train in a handful of battles.

So not much of a game. And it was not really about bad dice rolls, since I scored pretty amazing amounts of hits with the little AT capable units I had left but Patrik saved them all. My army was simply outgunned and no match for that many armored platoons.

The only reason I kept playing was that I didn't want to be a bad sport and rob Patrik of a game. I actually asked him if he wanted me to surrender, but decided to keep playing hoping my force morale would break - not an easy task playing a Fearless army... Not much else I could write about this battle really.


Neal Smith said...

Too bad about the game... But you know it looks really good and we all know it is better to look good than to play good... :)

Anatoli said...

Haha, that is how me and my buddy Thomas always feel about FoW compared to our more gamey friends.
Thomas usually says "I prefer to play in a way so that it looks good than to win" LOL!

widgren said...

well, actually..

it is true that a game enjoyed by both that looks awesome is way better than a game that looks like the parking lot championship of september´39. i base all my vehicles in order for them to look awful if bunched up in such a way that you have to stack the bases. does it make for beter gameplay? no, do every game i play look great? id like to think so.

im not just a wargamer, i also larp, and doing that has tought me the art of winning a game.
th winner is the one who has fun with a friend or two over a game. the one who gets all the imaginary gold/xp/vp only gets that, imaginary rewards. ive "won" games by getting my ass handed to me with style and im quite proud of that.

ill see you soon on the (awesome looking)battlefields!

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